Pesky Gee!

Exclamation Mark (Pye NSPL 18293)

Originally released in 1969

Another Country Piece Of My Heart
Pig Foots Dharma For One
Season Of The Witch Peace Of Mind
A Place Of Heartbreak Born To Be Wild
Where Is My Mind  


Piper At the Gates of Dawn

Pink Floyd

Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (Columbia SCX 6157)

Originally released in 1967
Tracks released from album : Scarecrow

Astronomy Domine Interstellar Overdrive
Lucifer Sam The Gnome
Matilda Mother Chapter 24
Flaming Scarecrow
Pow R. Toc H. Bike
Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk  


Pink Floyd

A Saucerful Of Secrets (Columbia SCX 6258)

Originally released in 1968

Let There Be More Light A Saucerful Of Secrets
Remember A Day See Saw
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun Jugband Blues
Corporal Clegg  



Two Sides of A Penny

Plastic Penny

Two Sides Of A Penny (Page One POLS 005)

Originally released in 1968
Tracks released from album : Everything I Am & No Pleasure Without Pain

Everything I Am Mrs. Grundy
Wake Me Up Take Me Back
Never My Love I Want You
Genevieve It's A Good Thing
No Pleasure Without Pain My Love Strawberry Fields Forever
So Much Older Now  



Plastic Penny

Currency (Page One POLS 014)

Originally released in 1969
Tracks released from album : Your Way To Tell Me Go / Hound Dog / Currency & Baby You're Not To Blame

Your Way To Tell Me Go Turn To Me
Hound Dog Baby You're Not To Blame
Currency Give Me Money
Caledonian Mission Sour Suite
McArthur Park  



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