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The Thoughts Of Emerlist Davjack

The Nice

The Thoughts Of Emerlist Davjack (Immediate IMSP 016)

Originally released in 1967
Tracks taken from album : The Thoughts Of Emerlist Davjack

Flower King Of Flies War And Peace
Thoughts Of Emerlist Davjack Tantalising Maggie
Bonnie K Dawn
Rondo The Cry Of Eugene


The Nice

Ars Longa Vita Brevis (Immediate IMSP 020)

Originally released 1968

Daddy, Where Did I Come From? Ars Longa Vita Brevis : Prelude
Little Arabella 1st Movement: Wakening
Happy Freuds 2nd Movement: Realisation
Intermezzo From Karelia Suite 3rd Movement: Acceptance--Brandenburger
Don Edito El Gruva 4th Movement: Denial
  Coda: Extension To The Big Note


Would You Believe

Billy Nicholls

Would You Believe (Immediate IMCP 009)

Originally recorded in 1968
1968 single : Would You Believe / Daytime Girl

Would You Believe London Social Degree
Come Again Portobello Road
Life Is Short Question Mark
Feeling Easy Being Happy
Daytime Girl Girl From New York
Daytime Girl (Coda) It Brings Me Down


The Story Of Simon Simopath


The Story Of Simon Simopath (Island ILPS 9059)

Originally released in 1967
Tracks released from album : Pentecost Hotel & Wings Of Love

Wings Of Love You're Just The One
Lonely Boy Pentecost Hotel
We Can Help You I Never Found A Love Like This
Satellite Jockey Take The Hand
In The Courtyard Of The Stars 1999


All of Us Nirvana

All Of Us (Island ILPS 9087)

Originally released : 1967
Tracks released from album : Rainbow Chaser; Girl In The Park; Trapeze & The Touchables (All of Us)

Rainbow Chaser Girl In The Park
Tiny Goddess Miami Masquerade
The Touchables (All Of Us) Frankie The Great
Melanie Blue You Can Try It
Trapeze Everybody Loves The Clown
The Show Must Go On St. John's Wood Affair


Restless Night


Restless Night (Penny Fathing PEN 705)

Originally released in : 1970
Tracks released from album : Laugh At The Poor Man; Girlfriend; The River & Thief

The River I Say
Summer John's Rock
Council Plans Rainchild
Restless Night Tide
Thief Girlfriend
Queen And The Pauper Laugh At The Poor Man


The Open Mind

The Open Mind

The Open Mind (Philips SBL 7893)

Originally released in 1969
Tracks released from album : Horses & Chariots & Before My Time

Dear Louise Horses and Chariots
Try Another Day Before My Time
I Feel The Same Way Too Free As The Breeze
My Mind Cries Girl I'm So Alone
Can't You See Soul And My Will
Thor The Thunder God Falling Again





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