Cliff Wade--Looking For Shirley-The Pop Sike World Of Cliff Wade (Edsel EDCD 707) 2001

You've Never Been To My House/ Shirley/ Dagger Lane/ I See I Am Free/ Sister/ Firework/ Yes I'm Finding Out/ Gonna Meet The Man/ Rose Village/ Empress Of Perisand, Wandering Maid/ Fern Meadows/ Casting The First Stone/ I Could Have Loved Her/ You Should Have Seen Me/ Life Story/ Sandy/ November/ Look At Me I've fallen Into A Teapot/ People Get The News/ Did You Know/ My Little Chicken


Keith West--Excerpts From... (RPM 141) 1995

Tracks 1-2 by Four +1, 3-6 by The In Crowd, 7-10 and 13-14 by Tomorrow. All other tracks credited to Keith West.

Time Is On My Side/ Don't Lie To me/ That's How Strong My Love Is/ Things She says/ You're On Your Own/ I Don't Mind/ Am I Glad To See You/ Blow Up/ Three Jolly Little Dwarfs (BBC)/ Revolution (BBC)/ Excerpt From A Teenage Opera/ Sam/ Shy Boy/ Colonel Brown/ On A Saturday/ The Kid Was A Killer/ The Visit/ She/ A Little Understanding/ Power & The Glory/ West Country/ Riding For A Fall/ Having Someone



West Coast Consortium--Looking Back- The Pye Anthology (Sanctuary/Castle CMRCD 786) 2003

Some Other Someday/ Looking Back/ Indigo Spring/ Listen To The Man/ Colour Sergeant Lillywhite/ Lady From Baltimore/ All The Love In The World/ Spending My Life Saying Goodbye/ When The Day Breaks/ The Day The Train Never Came/ Beggar Man/ Cynthia Serenity/ I Don't Want Her Anymore/ The House Upon The Hill/ Melanie Cries Alone/ Copper Coloured Years/ To Please Louise/ Amanda Jane/ Cindy In Love/ Willow Wood/ I'll Always Love You/ Soldiers In The Rain/ Live And Let Live/ Once Upon A Time/ What Are They All Singing About Today/ Scarlet River/ One Day The Train Never Came (demo)


West Coast Consortium--Mr Umbrella Man (A Collection Of Demos 1967-69) (Wooden Hill) 2008

Amanda Jane/ Willow Wood/ One Day The Train Never Came/ To Please Louise/ Elastic Band/ We All Love You Baby/ Oh! What a Feeling/ Ginny Stop (Don't Go 'Way)/ Rings & Things/ Mr Umbrella Man/ House Upon a Hill/ Aimie (Sing Your Song For Me)/ Santa Monica Bay/ When The Day Breaks/ Cindy In Love/ Come On Into The Warm/ Rest Of Your Life (Down Lonely Street)/ Cynthia Serenity/ Take a Round Trip/ Fairground Playboy/ Money Matters/ Windmill Hill/ All The Love In The World/ What Are They Singing About Today?/ Whatever Became Of Emily Jane?/ One Six Two/ Copper Coloured Years 


The Who--BBC Sessions (Polydor 547 727-2) 1999

My Generation (jingle)/ Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere/ Good Lovin'/ Just You And Me, Darling/ Leaving Here/ My Generation/ The Good's Gone/ La La La Lies/ Substitute/ Man With Money/ Dancing In The Street/ Disguises/ I'm A Boy/ Run Run Run/ Boris The Spider/ Happy Jack/ See My Way/ Pictures Of Lily/ A Quick One (While He's Away)/ Substitute (version 2)/ The Seeker/ I'm Free/ Shakin' All Over-Spoonful (Medley)/ Relay/ Long Live Rock/ Boris The Spider (jingle)


Mark Wirtz--A Teenage Opera-The Original Soundtrack Recording (RPM 165) 1996

Tracks credited to "The Mark Wirtz Orchestra" unless noted otherwise.

Theme From A Teenage Opera/ Festival Of Kings/ Grocer Jack-Excerpt From A Teenage Opera (Keith West)/ The Paranoiac Woodcutter/ Mr Rainbow (Steve Flynn)/ Glory's Theme-All Aboard!/ On A Saturday (Keith West)/ Possum's Dance/ Auntie Mary's Dress Shop (Tomorrow)/ Love And Occasional Rain/ Grocer Jack Reprise/ Sam (Keith West)/ Farewell To A Broken Doll/ He's Our Dear Old Weatherman (Mark Wirtz)/ Shy Boy (Kippington Lodge)/ Grocer Jack's Dream/ Barefoot And Tiptoe (The Sweetshop)/ Knickerbocker Glory (Mark Wirtz)/ Dream Dream Dream (Zion De Gallier)/ Colonel Brown (Tomorrow)/ Cellophane Mary-Jane (Astronaut Alan & The Planets)/ Paranoiac Woodcutter #2/ Theme From A Teenage Opera-End Titles


Mark Wirtz--Pop Works:B-sides, Rarities & Unreleased Tracks (Ltd Edition Private CDR)

*"Hi Groovers..."/ Geraldine (Zion de Gallier)/ Dear Auntie Mary (Miki)/ What's Good For The Goose (Chas Mills & Mark Wirtz)/ Come Down Little Bird (The Whales)/ Come Tomorrow (Steve Flynn)/ Your Life And My Life (Steve Flynn)/ Pseudo Phony Mixed Up Crony (Philwit & Pegasus)/ The Elephant Song (Philwit & Pegasus)/ *"There is nothing quite so heavenly as..."/ Lover's Congregation (The Matchmakers)/ Thank You Baby (The Matchmakers)/ Fantastic Fair (The Matchmakers/ Sandy (The Matchmakers)/ *"...and now, hits aside..."/ Feeling Better (Mark Wirtz)/ The Singer Sings His Song (Mark Wirtz)/ Until Tomorrow (Judd)/ Daylight (Judd)/ Days Of Flesh And Blood (Judd)/ Thee (Judd)/ *"Keep your hair on..."/ Lilly und Lilofee (Mark Wirtz)/ Shy Boy (Keith West & Mark Wirtz)/ Sad Story Of Simon and His Bugle (Mark Wirtz)/ Miss Demeanor (Mark Wirtz)/ I'm Not Lazy, I'm Just Sad (Mark Wirtz)

Tracks marked * are Commercials/Jingles by Kenny Everett with Mark Wirtz