Tomorrow--Live & Unreleased 1967 (Purple Pyramid CLP0988-2) 2001

Live at Christmas On Earth 1967, Olympia, London unless noted.

Am I Glad To See You (Demo)/ Blow Up (Demo)/ Three Jolly Little Dwarfs (BBC)/ Revolution (BBC)/ Caught In A Web/ Shotgun & The Duck/ My White Bicycle/ Real Life Permanent Dream/ Revolution/ Why/ Mr Rainbow/ Strawberry Fields Forever


Tremeloes--May Morning (Soundtrack) (Sanctuary/ Castle CMRCD 025) 2000

May Morning/ All Pull Together/ Till The Sun Goes Down/ Turn On With Thee/ I Can't Even Breathe Down Here/ May Morning Reprise #1/ Anything/ Think Of What You Said/ Beer Duet/ Hard Time/ I'll Take You Home/ Bunch Of Rapes/ May Morning Reprise #2/ I You Know


23rd Turnoff--The Dream Of Michaelangelo (The Legendary '66/'67 Recordings) RPM/Bam Caruso BC 287 2004

Tracks 1-8 recorded as The Kirkbys

'Cos My Baby's Gone (single)/ Don't You Want Me No More (single)/ Don't You Want Me No More (unreleased version)/ She'll Get No Lovin' That Way (single)/ Bless You (single)/ Bless You (unreleased version)/ It's a Crime (single)/ I've Never Been So Much In Love (single)/ Dreaming (demo)/ Flowers Are Flowering (demo)/ Not A Penny In My Pocket (demo)/ I'll Be Round (demo)/ Michaelangelo (demo)/ Another Vincent Van Gogh (demo)/ Mothers Boy (demo)/ I'll Be With You (demo)/ You Sing Your Own Song (demo)/ Michaelangelo (demo version with strings)/ Not A Penny In My Pocket (demo version with strings)/ Leave Me Here (single)/ Michaelangelo (single)


Tuesday's Children--Strange Light From The East (Rev-ola) 2007

Strange Light From The East/ Summer Leaves Me With a Sigh/ When You Walk In The Sand/ High and Drifting/ High On a Hill/ That'll Be The Day/ Ain't You Got a Heart/ Baby's Gone/ Guess I'm Losing You/ In The Valley Of The Shadow Of Love/ Mr Kipling/ Baby I Need You/ She/ Bright Eyed Apples/ Doubtful Nellie/ Ritual Fire Dance/ Red Lady (Phil Cordell solo)/ Baby's Gone (Demo)


Turquoise--Further Adventures Of Flossie Fillett The Complete Recordings 1966-1969  (Rev-Ola) 2006

Tales Of Flossie Fillett/ Flying Machine/ Sister Saxophone/ 53 Summer Street/ The Sea Shines/ Village Green/ Saynia/ Sunday Best/ Woodstock/ Stand Up And Be Judged/ Woodstock (First Reduction)/ Flying Machine (First Version)/ Leana (Backing Track)/ What's Your Name/ Mindless Child Of Motherhood/ You're Just Another Girl (as The Brood)/ Wrong Way (The Brood)/ The Turquoise 1968 Christmas Record