Skip Bifferty--The Story Of Skip Bifferty (Sanctuary/ Castle CMEDD 518) 2003 2CD

Disc 1--The album plus bonus tracks

Money Man/ Jeremy Carabine/ When She Comes To Stay/ Guru/ Come Around/ Time Track/ Gas Board Under Dog/ Inside The Secret/ Orange Lace/ Planting Bad Seeds/ Yours For At Least 24/ Follow The Path Of The Stars/ Prince Of Germany The First/ Clearway 51/ Man In Black/ On Love/ Cover Girl/ Happy Land/ Reason To Live/ Round And Round/ This We Shall Explore/ Schizoid Revolution

Disc 2--BBC Sessions + Heavy Jelly single* + Griffin tracks**

The Hobbit/ Man In Black/ Once/ Aged Aged Man/ Higher Than The Clouds/ The Lion & The Unicorn/ Disappointing Day/ Money Man/ I Don't Understand It/ Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood/ In The Morning/ Follow The Path Of The Stars/ When She Comes To Stay/ I Keep Singing The Same Old Song*/ Blue*/ I Am The Noise In Your Head**/ Don't You Know**/ Shine**


The Smoke-- High In A Room (Sanctuary/ Castle CMED0516) 2002 2CD

Disc 1

Keep A Hold Of What You've Got (as The Shots)/ She's A Liar (as The Shots)/ My Friend Jack/ We Can Take It/ High In A Room/ Victor Henry's Cool Book/ If The Weather's Sunny/ I Would If I Could But I Can't/ You Can't Catch Me/ Waterfall/ Wake Up Cherylina/ Don't Lead Me On/ I Wanna Make It With You/ It's Getting Closer/ It's Just Your Way Of Lovin'/ It Could Be Wonderful/ Have Some More Tea/ Utterly Simple/ Sydney Gill/ The Girl In The Park/ Thus Spake Alice (aka Utterly Simple)/ Sydney Gill (alternate version)/ My Friend jack (Demo version)

Disc 2

Playing With Magic/ Like A Good Man Should/ Bringing It All Back Home/ Time To Go #1/ The Man With One Leg/ Old Feet New Socks/ Poor Little Frogs/ Sweet Wilfred-A Rodent Of Note/ Blown Away/ Ride Ride Ride (Dick Turpin)/ Guy Fawkes/ Jack Is Back/ Sugar man/ That's What I Want/ Time To Go #2/ Holiday Farm/ Ring Me/ Shagalagalu/ Gimme Good Loving/ My Lullaby/ Looking High/ Lady/ My Friend Jack (1975 remake)


Soft Machine--Turns On Volume 1 (Voiceprint VP231) 2001

I Should've Known/ We Know What You Mean*/ I'm So Low/ Clarence In Wonderland/ Hope For Happiness/ I Should've Known/ We Know What You Mean/ She's Gone/ Save Yourself**/ Lullaby Letter**/ I Should've Known*/ A Certain Kind/ Clarence In Wonderland**/ May I? (Instrumental Variant)**/ We Know What You Mean**/ Hope For Happiness**

All tracks recorded in various UK studios 1967 except * Dutch TV 1967 and ** live at Middle Earth and Speakeasy clubs 1967


Soft Machine--Turns On Volume 2 (Voiceprint VP234) 2001

Moon In June/ I Should've Known/ A Certain Kind/ Save Yourself/ Lullaby Letter/ Organistics/ Lullaby Letter-Priscilla-Lullaby Letter Reprise/ We Did It Again/ Why Are We Sleeping/ Joy Of A Toy/ Hope For Happiness/ Clarence In Wonderland/ Moon In June/ Esther's Nose Job

Tracks 1-5: Concertgebouw. Amsterdam 10th December 1967, Track 6: Middle Earth 10th Nov 1967, Tracks 7-14: Col Ballroom, Davenport, Iowa 11th August 1968


The Sorrows--Take A Heart (Sequel NEECD 480) 2000 2CD

Disc 1

I Don't Wanna Be Free/ Come With Me/ Baby/ Teenage Letter/ Take A Heart/ We Should Get Along Fine/ You've Got What I Want/ No, No, No, No/ Let The Live Live/ Don't Sing No Sad Songs For Me/ Let Me In/ How Love Used To Me/ Pink, Purple, Yellow, Red/ My Gal/ Gonna Find A Cave/ I Take What I Want/ Baby All The Time/ Baby/ Nimm Mein Herz/ Sei War Mein Girl/ Mi Si Spezza Il Cuore/ Vivi/ Verde, Rosso, Giallo, Blu/ No, No, No, No (in Italian)/ Zabadak/ La Liberta Costa Cara/ Hooky/ You're Still Mine/ Armchair King/ Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Disc 2 (Stereo versions)

Baby/ No, No, No, No/ Take A Heart/ She's Got The Action/ How Love Used To Be/ Teenage Letter/ I Don't Wanna Be Free/ Don't Sing No Sad Songs For Me/ Cara-Lin/ We Should Get Along Fine/ Come With Me/ Let Me In


Sundragon/ The Sands/ The Others-- Listen To The Sky (Revola 2007)

Oh Yeah/ If You Don't Come Back/ Smokestack Lightning/ I'm Taking Her Home/ River Deep Mountain High/ Mrs Gillespie's Refrigerator/ Listen To The Sky/ Weddings Make Me Cry/ Green Tambourine/ So You Wanna Be a Rock & Roll Star/ Seventeen/ Peacock Dress/ Five White Horses/ Faraway Mountain/ Blueberry Blue/ Love Minus Zero/ I Need All The Friends I Can Get/ Windy/ Empty Highway/ Look At The Sun/ Drivin' Drivin' Drivin'/ Bring Back That Love Again/ Hey, Hey What Did You See?


The Syn--Original Syn 1965-2004 (Umbrella) 2005

Disc One--1960s recordings

Mallard Way/ Grounded/ 14 Hour Technicolour Dream/ Flowerman/ Created By Clive/ Last Performance Of The Royal Regimental Very Victorious And Valiant band/ Mr White's White Flying Machine/ Cadillac Dreams/ Sunset Boulevard Lament/ Merry Go Round/ Gangster Opera (Chorus/ Legs Diamond/ Reprise)/ I Can't Explain/ Love You/ Flowerman

Disc Two--2004 recordings

Illusion/ Grounded 2004/ Time And a Word/ Tide In The Affairs Of Man/ Time And a Word (Reprise)