John Pantry--The Upside Down World Of John Pantry (Tenth Planet TP040) 1999

All tracks credited to John Pantry except where noted

Try A Little Sunshine (The Factory)/ Birthday (Peter & The Wolves)/ Red Chalk Hill/ Glasshouse Green, Splinter Red/ Lantern Light (Peter & The Wolves)/ Woman On My Mind (Peter & The Wolves)/ Break Up Break Down (Peter & The Wolves)/ Upside Down/ Two People (Norman Conquest)/ Spare A Shilling (The Bunch)/ Little Girl Lost And Found (Peter & The Wolves)/ Red Chalk Hill (The Factory)/ Every Single Word/ The Old And The New (Peter & The Wolves)/ Smokey Wood Air/ How It Is/ Lantern Light (Peter & The Wolves)/ Julie (Peter & The Wolves)/ Upside Down (Norman Conquest)


John Pantry--Right Side Up (Private CDR) 2004

All tracks credited to John Pantry except where noted

Sweet Lies/ What Does She Do (Sounds Around)/ Still (The Bunch)/ One Of Two (Sounds Around)/ We Sold The Farm (Peter & The Wolves)/ This Woman's Love/ Barbara/ Bite It Deep (Wolfe)/ Where To Now/ Sad Subject (Sounds Around)/ Birthday (The Bunch)/ Wash Myself Away/ If You Want Me (Peter & The Wolves)/ Do I (Peter & The Wolves)/ Jewel (Wolfe)/ Is Me (Peter & The Wolves)/ Red White And You (Sounds Around)/ Us (Wolfe)/ You're Gonna Be A Mum/ Salt (Peter & The Wolves)/ Sing A Song Of Love/ Long White Trail/ Song With No Name (Wolfe)/ Still (Peter & The Wolves)/ Two People (Sounds Around)/ Glass House Green Splinter Red (Kinsmen)/ This Woman's Love (Kris Ife)/ Nightime (Los Iberos)/ Mississippi Paddleboat (The Chanters)/ Looking Glass (The Bunch)


Procol Harum--Pandora's Box-The Unissued Stereo Versions Plus! (Westside WESA 821) 1999

Conquistador/ Something Following Me/ Cerdes (Outside The Gates Of)/ Kaleidoscope/ Repent Walpurgis/ Pandora's Box (Instrumental backing track recorded 1967)/ In The Wee Small Hours Of Sixpence/ Wish Me Well (AKA The Gospel According To Matthew)/ Repent Walpurgis (Long Version)/ A Whiter Shade Of Pale