One In A Million--Double Sight (Tenth Planet) 2008

Double Sight/ Fredereek Hernando/ No Smokes/ Man In Yellow/ The Trial Of Elmer Fudd/ Goin' Places/ Something On Your Mind/ We Don't Want Nobody Around/ Lament In 'A'/ Hold On/ Use Your Imagination



Orange Bicycle--Hyacinth Threads: The Morgan Blue Town Recordings (Edsel MEDCD 688) 2001 2CD

Disc 1

Hyacinth Threads/ Dropping Out/ Renaissance Fair/ Amy Peate/ I Can't Go On Loving You Now/ Sister Sharon/ Early Pearly Morning/ Until The End Dreamer/ Jane/ Until The End Drifter/ LA (alternate version)/ Nicely/ Message For Mary/ It's All Very Strange/ Sing This Song All Together/ Jenskadajka (alternate version)/ Drink Your Whisky

Disc 2

Laura's Garden/ Competition/ Lavender Girl/ Rainy Jane/ Soft Winds/ Trip On An Orange Bicycle/ Box 49/ Donna/ Jenskadajka/ Isn't It Nice/ Go With Goldie/ So Long Marianne/ Madam La Mar/ Carpet Man/ LA/ Here Come The Bumbles