Marmalade--I See The Rain-The CBS Years (Castle/ Sequel NEMCD 463) 2000

It's All Leading Up To Saturday Night/ Wait A Minute Baby/ Can't Stop Now/ There Ain't No Use In Hanging On/               I See The Rain/ Laughing Man/ Man In A Shop/ Cry (The Shoob Dororie Song)/ Lovin' Things/ Hey Joe/ Wait For Me Mary-Anne/ Mess Around/ I Shall Be Released/ Summer In The City/ (Take A Little) Piece Of My Heart/ Mr Tambourine Man/ Chains/ Mr Lion/ Station On Third Avenue/ Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da/ Baby Make It Soon/ Time Is On My Side/ Butterfly/ Otherwise It's Been A Perfect Day/ Clean Up Your Heart


Marmalade--Rainbow-The Decca Years (Castle/ Sequel NEECD 335) 2000 2CD

Disc 1--Junior Campbell Sessions

Reflections Of My Life/ Rollin' My Thing/ Rainbow/ Ballad Of Cherry Flavor/ Super Clean Jean/ Carolina In My Mind/ I'll Be Home (In A Day Or So)/ And Yours Is A Piece Of Mine/ Some Other Guy/ Kaleidoscope/ Dear John/ Fight Say The Mighty/ Life Is/ My Little One/ Is Your Life Your Own/ Stay With Me Baby/ Can You Help Me

Disc 2--Hughie Nicholson Sessions

Cousin Norman/ Lonely Man/ Back On The Road/ Love Is Hard To Re-Arrange/ Bad Weather/ Sarah/ Mama/ Lady Of Catrine/ Empty Bottles/ I've Been Around Too Long/ Lovely Nights/ She Wrote Me A Letter/ Ride Boy Ride/ Radancer/ Just One Woman


Marmalade--BBC Sessions (Sanctuary/Castle CMQCD 940) 2004

(I Know) I'm Losing You/ Can't Stop Now/ Sixty Minutes Of Your Love/ I See The Rain/ Daddy Rolling Stone/ Alan Whitehead Interview/ Loving Things/ Seven Days Too Long/ Stop! In The Name Of Love/ I Can't Explain/ Wait For Me Mary-Anne/ Hush/ Mess Around/ Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da/ This Old Heart Of Mine/ My Back Pages/ Mr Business Man/ Boogaloo Party/ Baby Make It Soon/ Gimme Gimme Good Loving/ Judy Blue Eyes/ To Love Somebody/ Reflections Of My Life/ Carolina In My Mind/ Melting Pot/ Interview/ Rollin' My Thing


Mike Stuart Span--Time Span (Wooden Hill WHCD003) 1996

Children Of Tomorrow/ Second Production/ Remember The Times/ Time/ Concerto Of Thoughts/ Flames/ Through The Looking Glass/ Rescue Me/ World In My Head/ Evil Woman/ Blue Day/ Through The Looking Glass*/ My White Bicycle*/ Time*/ Children Of Tomorrow*

Tracks marked * were recorded in session for the BBC


Mirage--Tomorrow Never Knows (RPM 2006 )

Tomorrow Never Knows/ You Can't Be Serious/ Go To Your Head/ Spare A Thought For Me/ Hold On/ Can You Hear Me?/ One More Time/ That I Know/ The Wedding Of Ramona Blair/ Lazy Man/ Ebaneezer Beaver/ Mrs Busby/ I See The Rain/ Lonely Highway/ Hello Enid/ Is Anybody Home?/ What Do I Care/ How's Your Pa/ Lazy Man/ See My World/ Katherine/ Ebaneezer Beaver/ Go Away


The Montanas--You've Got To Be Loved: Singles A's & B's (Sequel NEMCD 994) 1997

All That Is Mine Can Be Yours/ How Can I Tell?/ That's When Happiness Began/ Goodbye Little Girl/ Ciao Baby/ Anyone There/ Take My Hand/ Top Hat/ You've Got To Be Loved/ Difference Of Opinion (97 remix)/ A Step In The Right Direction/ Someday (You'll Be Breaking My Heart Again)/ You're Making A Big Mistake/ Run To Me/ Roundabout/ Mystery/ Let's Ride/ I Need To Fly/ Hold On/ Sammy/ Tear Drops/ You Got Me Wrong Girl/ One Thing Or The Other (version 1)/ One Thing Or The Other (version 2)/ Hold On (instrumental)/ Difference Of Opinion (instrumental)


The Move--Movements (West Side WESX 302) 1997 3CD

Disc 1

Night Of Fear/ Disturbance/ I Can Hear The Grass Grow/ Wave The Flag And Stop The Train/ Yellow Rainbow/ Kilroy Was Hear/ The Lemon Tree/ Weekend/ Walk Upon The Water/ Flowers In The Rain/ Useless Information/ Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart/ The Girl Outside/ Fire Brigade/ Mist On A Monday Morning/ Cherry Blossom Clinic/ Hey Grandma/ Disturbance (undubbed alternate version)/ Wild Tiger Woman/ Omnibus

Disc 2

Blackberry Way/ Something/ Curly/ This Time Tomorrow/ Hello Suzie/ Beautiful Daughter/ Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited/ Fields Of People/ Don't Make My Baby Blue/ The Last Thing On My Mind/ (Here We Go Round) The Lemon Tree (stereo single mix)/ Cherry Blossom Clinic (stereo mix)/ Fire Brigade (early undubbed mix)/ Second Class (backing track)/ Wild Tiger Woman Blues (early undubbed mix)/ Curly Where's Your Girly (early alternate mix)/ Something (Italian language version)/ Vote For Me

Disc 3

Looking On/ Turkish Tram Conductor Blues/ What/ When Alice Comes Back To The Farm/ Open Up Said The World At The Door/ Brontosaurus/ Feel Too Good/ Lightning Never Strikes Twice/ So You Want To Be A Rock'N'Roll Star/ Stephanie Knows Who/ Something Else/ It'll Be Me/ Piece Of My Heart/ Too Much In Love/ Higher And Higher/ Sunshine Help Me (unedited version)