Idle Race--Back To The Story (EMI Premier 7243 8 38162 2 4) 1996 2CD

Disc 1

Skeleton And The Roundabout/ Happy Birthday/ The Birthday/ I Like My Toys/ Morning Sunshine/ Follow Me Follow/ Sitting In My Tree/ On With The Show/ Lucky Man/ Mrs Ward/ Pie In The Sky/ The Lady Who Said She Could Fly/ End Of The Road/ Come With Me/ Sea Of Dreams/ Going Home/ Reminds Me Of You/ Mr Crow And Sir Norman/ Please NO More Sad Songs/ Girl At The Window/ Big Chief Woolly Bosher/ Someone Knocking/ A Better Life (The Weatherman Knows)/ Hurry Up John/ Lucky Man/ Follow Me Follow/ Days Of The Broken Arrows

Disc 2

Here We Go Round The Lemon Tree/ My Father's Son/ Imposters Of Life's Magazine/ Knocking Nails Into My House/ Days Of The Broken Arrows/ Worn Red Carpet/ In The Summertime/ Told You Twice/ Neanderthal Man/ Victim Of Circumstance/ Dancing Flower/ Sad O' Sad/ The Clock/ I Will See You/ By The Sun/ Alcatraz/ And The Rain/ She Sang Hymns Out Of Tune/ Bitter Green/ We Want It All/ It's Only The Dog/ Your Friend


Jason Crest--Collected Works (Wooden Hill WHCD006) 1998

Turquoise Tandem Cycle/ Teagarden Lane/ Patricia's Dream/ A Place In The Sun/ My House Is Burning/ King Of The Castle/ The Collected Works Of Justin Crest/ Black Mass/ Charge Of The Light Brigade/ Here We Go Round The Lemon Tree/ You Really Got A Hold Of Me/ Two By The Sea/ Juliano The Bull/ Education/ Waterloo Road/ Good Life


John's Children--Smashed Blocked! (NMC/ Burning Airlines Pilot12) 1997

Smashed Blocked/ Just What You Want-Just What You'll Get/ Strange Affair/ But She's Mine/ Hippy Gumbo/ Jagged Time Lapse/ Midsummer Night's Scene (Alternative version)/ Not The Sort Of Girl You Take To Bed/ Mustang Ford/ The Love I Thought I'd Found/ Remember Thomas A'Beckett/ Come And Play With Me In The Garden (Inst)/ Daddy Rolling Stone (BBC)/ Hot Rod Mama (BBC)/ Perfumed Garden Of Gulliver Smith (BBC)/ Jagged Time Lapse (BBC)/ Sally Was An Angel (Inst)


July--Second Of July (Essex CD1008) 1995

You Missed It All/ My Clown/ Dandelion Seeds/ The Stamping Machine/ The Bird Lived/ Look At Her/ The Way/ Friendly Man/ I See/ The Girl In The Cafe/ You See Me, I See You/ Man Outside/ Move On Sweet Flower/ Hallo To Me