Honeybus--She Flies Like A Bird (Sanctuary/Castle CMEDO 533) 2002 2CD

Disc 1

Delighted To See You/ The Breaking Up Scene/ (Do I Figure) In Your Life/ Throw My Love Away/ I Can't Let Maggie Go/ Tender Are The Ashes/ Girl Of Independent Means/ How Long (single version)/ She Sold Blackpool Rock/ Would You Believe/ Story/ Black Mourning Band/ Scarlet Lady/ Fresher Than The Sweetness In Water/ He Was Columbus/ Ceilings No 1/ Under The Silent Tree/ She's Out There/ She Said Yes/ I Remember Caroline/ How Long (LP version)/ Ceilings No 2/ The Right To Choose/ She Is The Female To My Soul/ For Where Have You Been

Disc 2

Pete Dello Radio 1 Interview/ (Do I Figure) In Your Life (BBC session)/ Like An Old Time Movie (BBC session)/ Maxine's Parlour (BBC session)/ She Comes To Me (BBC session)/ I Can't Let Maggie Go (BBC session)/ Ain't That Just Bonny For You (BBC Session)/ Francoise (BBC session)/ La Cigona/ Chi Sei Tu/ For You/ Little Lovely One/       Be Thou By My Side/ Julie In My Heart/ Big Ship/ Hear Me Only/ Texas Gold/ Madam, Chairman Of The Committee/   Jug Of Water/ Proof Enough/ Like Me Like You Used To Do/ Lovely Ladies 'n' Things/ Caterina/ Slow Rock/ Music/      In The End Is My Beginning



Steve Howe--Mothballs: Groups And Sessions (RPM 140) 

Credited to: 1-7 Syndicats, 8-12 In Crowd, 13-14 Steve Howe, 15-20 Tomorrow, 21 Keith West, 22 Canto, 23-25 Bodast

Maybelline/ True To Me/ Howlin' For My Baby/ What To Do/ Leave My Kitten Alone/ Don't Know What To Do/ On The Horizon/ Stop Wait A Minute/ You're On Your Own/ Why Must They Criticise/ I Don't Mind/ Finger Poppin'/ So Bad/ You Can Never Stay In One Place/ Real Life Permanent Dream/ Claremont Lake/ Revolution/ Hallucinations/ Three Jolly Little Dwarfs/ My White Bicycle/ The Kid Was A Killer/ Come Over Stranger/ Beyond Winter/ Nothing To Cry For/ Nether Street