Family--BBC Radio Volume 1 1968-69 (Hux HUX057) 2004

See Through Windows/ The Weaver's Answer/ The Breeze/ Second Generation Woman/ Observations From A Hill/ Dim/ Holding The Compass/ Procession/ How Hi The Li/ Love Is A Sleeper/ I Sing 'Um The Way I Feel/ A Song For Me/ Drowned In Wine/ Wheels/ No Mule's Fool/ The Cat And The Rat


Fickle Pickle-- Sinful Skinful (Castle 2006)

California Calling/ Sinful Skinful/ Sandy/ Dr Octopus/ Saturday/ Only For The Summer/ Let Me Tell You/ Down Smokey Lane/ Blown Away/ Sunshine Pie/ Barcelona/ Our Time Is Thru/ Maybe I'm Amazed/ Sitting On A Goldmine/ Millionaire/ Sam And Sadie/ Man With One Long/ Old Feet New Socks/ Holiday Farm/ Poor Little Frogs/ Sweet Wilfred, A Rodent Of Note/ American Pie/ Letter/ Here And Now/ Ask The People/ Just An Old Fashioned Love Song


The Fire--Underground And Overhead-The Alternate Fire (Tenth Planet)

Father's Name Is Dad #1/ Treacle Toffee World/ Happy Sound/ Spare A Copper/ Will I Find Love/ Man In The Teapot/ Only A Dream/ It's Just Love/ Father's Name Is Dad #2/ Magic Shoes/ I've Still Got Time/ I Know You Inside Out/ Reason For Everything/ Alison Wonderland


Focal Point-- First Bite Of The Apple

Miss Sinclair/ Sycamore Sid/ Hassle Castle/ Never Never/ Lonely Woman/ Far Away From Forever/ Love You Forever/ Tales From The GPO Files/ McKinley Morgan The Deep Sea Diver/ Falling Out Of Friends/ Girl On The Corner/ Goodbye Forever/ This Time She's Leaving/ 'Cept Me/ Miss Sinclair (demo)/ Miss Sinclair (alternate)/ Hassle Castle (demo)/ Never Never (alternate)/ Reflections (demo)/ Reflections


Grapefruit--Around The BBC (RPM) 2007

Breaking Up a Dream/ Dear Delilah/ Trying To Make It To Monday/ Elevator/ Say You Don't Mind/ Somebody's Turning On The People/ C'Mon Marianne/ Interview/ Someday Soon/ Interview/ Round Going Round/ To Love Somebody/ Deep Water/ Thunder and Lightning