The End--Retrospection (Tenth Planet TP033)

Building Up A Dream/ Little Annie/ Morning Dew/ Tears Will Be The Only Answer/ Today Tomorrow/ Lady Under The Lamp/ Black Is Black/ Mister Man/ Call Me/ Shades Of Orange (re-mix)/ Mirror/ Bypass The Bypass


Episode Six--The Roots Of Deep Purple (Sequel NEXCD 156) 1991

* by Sheila Carter  ** by Neo Maya  All other tracks credited to Episode Six

My Babe/ Put Yourself In My Place/ That's All I Want/ I Hear Trumpets Blow/ True Love Is Funny That Way/ Here There And Everywhere/ Mighty Morris Ten/ *I Will Warm Your Heart/ *Incense/ Love Hate Revenge/ Baby Baby Baby/ Morning Dew/ Sunshine Girl/ **I Won't Hurt You/ **U.F.O/ I Can See Through You/ When I Fall In Love/ The Way You Look Tonight/ My Little Red Book/ Plastic Love/ Time And Motion Man/ Only Lonely People/ Little One/ Wide Smiles/ Lucky Sunday/ Mr Universe/ Mozart Vs The Rest/ Jack D'Or