THE BEATLES-Hey Jude/ Revolution (Apple) #1
THE BUNCH-Birthday/ Still (CBS)
DAVE CLARK FIVE-Red Balloon/ Maze Of Love (Columbia) #7
JOE COCKER-With A Little Help From My Friends/ Something’s Coming On (Regal Zonophone) #1
CUPID’S INSPIRATION-My World/ Everything Is Meant To Be (Nems) #33
DREAMS-I Will See You There/ A Boy Needs A Girl (UA)
JULIE DRISCOLL/BRIAN AUGER-Road To Cairo/ Shadows Of You (Marmalade)
SIMON DUPREE AND THE BIG SOUND-Thinking About My Life/ Velvet And Lace (Parlophone)
EASYBEATS-Good Times/ Lay Me Down And Die (UA)
ECLECTION-Another Time, Another Place/ Betty Brown (Elektra)
GLASS MENAGERIE-I Said Goodbye To Me/ Frederick Jordan (Pye)
THE HERD-Sunshine Cottage/ Miss Jones (Fontana)
HOLLIES-Listen To Me/ Do The Best You Can (Parlophone) #11
HONEYBUS-Girl Of Independent Means/ How Long (Deram)
IDLE RACE-I Like My Toys/ Birthday (Liberty)
JETHRO TULL-Song For Jeffrey/ One For John Gee (Island)
JIGSAW-Mr Job/ Great Idea (Music Factory)
KALEIDOSCOPE-Jenny Artichoke/ Just How Much You Are (Fontana)
PHILAMORE LINCOLN-Running By The River/ Rainy Day (Nems)
JACKIE LOMAX-Sour Milk Sea/ Eagle Laughs At You (Apple)
MARMALADE-Wait For Me Mary Anne/ Mess Around (CBS) #30
MONTANAS-Run To me/ You’re Making A Big Mistake (Pye)
THE MOVING FINGER-Jeremy The Lamp/ Pain Of My Misfortune (Mercury)
POP WORKSHOP-Fairyland/ When My Little Girl Is Happy (Page One)
PROCESSION-Every American Citizen/ Essentially Susan (Mercury)
RAMESES AND SELKET-Crazy One/ My Mind’s Eye (CBS)
SELOFANE-Shingle I-A-O/ Chase The Face (CBS)
SHADES OF MORLEY BROWN-Silly Girl/ Pretty Blue Bird (Mercury)
SPOOKY TOOTH-The Weight/ Do Right People (Island)
THE STOICS-Earth, Fire, Air And Water/ Search Of The Sea (RCA)
TANGERINE PEEL-Talking To No One/ Wishing Tree (CBS)
THE TROGGS-Hip Hip Hooray/ Say Darlin’! (Page One)
VAMP-Floatin’/ Thinkin’ Too Much (Atlantic)
WATCH COMMITTEE-Throw Another Penny In The Well/ Now I Think The Other Way (Philips)
YELLOW PAGES-Here Comes Jane/ Ring-A-Ding (Page One)

Jigsaw - Mr.Job


BEE GEES-Idea (Polydor) #4
DONOVAN-In Concert (Pye)
ECLECTION-Eclection (Elektra)
FIVE DAY WEEK STRAW PEOPLE- Five Day Week Straw People (Saga)
GILES, GILES AND FRIPP-The Cheerful Insanity Of (Deram)
GOOD EARTH-It’s Hard Rock And All That (Saga)
JETHRO TULL-This Was (Island) #10
MAGIC MIXTURE- This Is Magic Mixture (Saga)
NIRVANA-All Of Us (Island)
TRAFFIC-Traffic (Island) #9








Bee Gees

Idea (LP): A riot of big production numbers, heavily laden with strings and dripping emotion in almost every song. The overall effect is a little sombre although there are some nice little whimsical numbers to lighten the mixture. But let's not carp, the Bee Gees have produced another very good album; not their best, but still well into the top bracket.


Good Times: An exciting rock & roll rave-up that should restore their chart fortunes and impress upon the Mother country that hands across the sea these days also means a Commonwealth of jiving.

Five Day Week Straw People

Five Day Week Straw People (LP): Songs dedicated to describing the activities of a weekend raver. Flat voices and a dull group. Sounds like they had a boring weekend.


Wait For Me Mary-Anne: Mike Smith is being hailed as CBS' top producer with a string of hits behind him, including The Tremeloes and The Love Affair. Mike gave Marmalade their first hit with "Lovin' Things" and this new one, a Howard-Blaikley composition, should help establish them as more than one-hit normals.

Magic Mixture

This Is Magic Mixture (LP): Pretty awful group bashing out a variety of styles, presumably in an attempt to do a family album of good clean groupie music.


All Of Us: More pretty and inventive orchestral music including the great Rainbow Chaser.


Floatin' : Amazing Viv Prince plays drums with The Vamp and is being a good boy these days. His drumming is well to the fore on this middle-paced, harmonica-ridden piece of funky blues 'n' ballad. 

Watch Committee

Throw Another Penny In The Wells: Another of those pretty nursery rhyme scenes that don't knock out hip fairies.


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