The Poets - That's The Way It's Gotta Be The Flies - House Of Love
The Attack - Anymore Than I Do Keith Shields - Hey Gyp
The Flies - I'm Not Your Stepping Stone The Attack - Try It
The Score - Please Please Me The Poets - I Love Her Still
Mark Four - I'm Leaving Dream Police - Living Is Easy
Fire - Father's Name Is Dad The Fairytale - Run & Hide
Gene Latter - Mother's Little Helper Mark Four - Hurt Me (If You Will)
The Game - Gonna Get Me Someone The Brain - Nightmares In Red


The Electric Crayon SetRUBBLE FIVE : The Electric Crayon Set

"We want something uncomplicated, something that's not frustrated"

Fifth volume. Originally issued in 1986 on the Bam-Caruso label (KIRI 044). It has since been re-issued on Past & Present (PAPRL 005). Contained recordings from the Decca label

The Poets
Scottish group who survived the Sixties and into the early seventies with various line-up changes. A fair range of their songs have been compiled elsewhere so you'd be better of with the groups compilation, Scottish Group #1 which rounds off all the recordings nicely
The Attack
A group who should need no introductions, heavily compiled, see the page on this very site for more
Better Known for their obscure version of this Monkees number. By all accounts their stage act was pretty outrageous. They also played at the 14th Hour Technicolour Dream
Another obscure cover, this time The Beatles song is given the full treatment. This was their only single which sank and had looked forgotten until the Chocolate Soup guys did their upmost best to speed things along
Mark Four
Of course over the next few years these guys would eventually become The Creation (but thats another great story)
One of the great singles to come out of this era is presented here, once more all psych-fans should know this one, if not, why not? The flip, 'Treacle Toffee World' can be found on volume 11. After a poor second single, the group recorded the concept album, 'The Magic Shoemaker' and more recently Tenth Planet and Wooden Hill have compiled all the best recordings and more on a great compilation
Gene Latter
The Rolling Stones song gets covered here, this was one of many singles released on various labels
The Game
Great mod / pop band. Their second single 'Addicted Man' was withdrawn and replaced with 'Its Shocking What They Called Me' over the space of a weekend which couldn't have helped the selling figures!
Keith Shields
Three Decca singles were released in 1967, the song in question here was a Donovan cover
Dream Police
Three Decca singles were released by this group. The song in question here was the flip to the first single, 'I'll Be Home'. They went onto become The Average White Band give or take a few bods
Two fine singles on the Decca label of which all four sides have been compiled. Every picture I've seen has the group dressed in full hippy attire (possibly the same photo session), shame nothing more was released


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