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KinemaGigz - A complete chronological history of The Kinema Ballroom Dunfermline Fife Scotland UK

B E T A P H O N I C   records

New used collectable and reissue vinyl records
231 Portobello Road London W11 1LT UK

The Tapestry Of Delights

The Tapesty Of Delights

Well worth a read is The Tapesty Of Delights, by Vernon Joynson, the most comprehensive and detailed encyclopaedia ever written on British rock and pop between 1963 - 76. It contains over 2,800 entries in more than 600 pages and is profusely illustrated, including 12 pages of colour. Order your copy from Borderline or contact :
Borderline Productions, Print Houes, Sedgely Street, Wolverhampton, WV2 3AJ.


Tenth Planet & Wooden Hill

Click here for more info on the Tenth Planet releases
Tenth Planet
Click here for more info on the Wooden Hill releases

For contact to the label contact :
13, The Barricane, St. Johns, Woking, Surrey, GU21 1RB


Record Collector

Record Collector magazine: The A-Z of British Psychedelia
Click here for more details
Subscription / back-issue details : Visit their web-site or write to:
The Magazine Editor, Record Collector, 43-45, St. Marys Road, Ealing, London W5 5RQ, UK


Bronco Bullfrog

Bronco Bullfrog



Yahoo Groups

Cherry Smash :

Welcome to Cherry Smash - affectionately known as 'CS' - a mailing list whose focus is 'the great British psychedelic trip'... British pop/psych from '66 to '70 or thereabouts. Cliched or obscure, it's all here: from The Beatles to Blossom Toes; The Move to the Mike Stuart Span; The Who to The World of Oz...  
A recent 'Nuggets II' convert; or a 'Rubble' series aficionado? Look no further.
Random chat on such topics as US pop/psych, '60s and '70s nostalgia (music/films/TV), harmony pop, power pop, singer-songwriters, Euro pop/psych, etc, comes as part of the deal (and is actively encouraged) - so purists beware!
Above all, CS is a friendly and informative group. Enjoy!

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Shindig! : Discussion of topics related to Shindig! magazine (60s : Garage / Psych / Folk-Rock / Pop / Beat / Soul / R'n'B) and hip 'n' happenin' culture

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For more information visit the Shindig! web-site, check out the sounds section

Beatles : If you're looking for a Beatles list with friendly, knowledgeable people, look no further.   We began in 1997, so we've been around for awhile.   We discuss all facets of the Beatles...them, their families, their associates, etc.   No bashing of the Beatles, of those around them, of other listmembers or strong language allowed - anything that is not acceptable on US network television is not acceptable here. This list is family oriented and kid-friendly. If you have a problem with that, please don't join.  

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Kaleidoscope : This is the group for all those interested in the work of Britain's finest psychedelic band, Kaleidoscope and their later progressive work as Fairfield Parlour. Fans of Peter Daltrey's solo work also welcome

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Vegetable Friends : VegetableFriends is a joint Syd Barrett / Robyn Hitchcock mailing group but it is more than that. This club is different, a place to relax. We think of it as our living room and in many ways it is rather like a pub where the Vegetable Friends meet to discuss the musical worlds of   Syd Barrett & Robyn Hitchcock and related topics.

So, grab a chair.. Feel free to join in with the other 'veggies' or start an interesting new Syd / Robyn thread. All other music chat is fine too. Note: no abuse and no spam. Relax and enjoy...

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It's Happening : Its-Happening.Org is a 60's based domain which now has it's own egroup now.   Yep, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and have my own discussion list for the domain.   Learn about updates on any section of the domain. Also, Talk about the 60's decade/culture/music/clothes/carsetc.  

The 60's IS the BEST decade and this list invites all 60's lovers of all ages. You may talk about whatever is on your mind, we're listening to you here at the list. We are an online 60's commune. Really.


Brit Psych : A group devoted to UK Psychedelic Music Culture and Fashions, c1966-197? A place wherein views can be exchanged, records reviewed, ideas aired, and where we can generally have a laugh and a gossip



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