White Trash

ACID GALLERY-Dance Around The Maypole/ Right Toe Blues (CBS)
ANGEL PAVEMENT-Baby You’ve Gotta Stay/ Green Mello Hill (Fontana)
ARCADIUM-Sing My Song/ Riding Alone (Middle Earth)
BABYLON-Into The Promised Land/ Nobody’s Fault But Mine (Polydor)
THE BEATLES-Something/ Come Together (Apple) #4
BIG BERTHA-This World’s An Apple/ Gravy Booby Jamm (Atlantic)
ALAN BOWN-Gypsy Girl/ All I Can (Deram)
PETE BROWN & PIBLOKTO-Living Life Backwards/ High Flying Electric Bird (Harvest)
THE CASUALS-Caroline/ Naughty Boy (Decca)
THE DAWN CHORUS-Night To Be Remembered/ Crying All Night (MCA)
FACTORY-Try A Little Sunshine/ Red Chalk Hill (CBS)
FAMILY-No Mule’s Fool/ Good Friend Of Mine (Reprise) #29
FLAMING YOUTH-Guide Me, Orion/ From Now On (Immortal Invisible) (Fontana)
FLYING MACHINE-Smile A Little Smile For Me/ Maybe We’ve Been Loving Too Long (Pye)
GOOD SHIP LOLLIPOP-Maxwell’s Silver Hammer/ How Does It Feel (Ember)
HOUSE OF LORDS-In The Land Of Dreams/ Ain’t Gonna Wait Forever (B&C)
JETHRO TULL-Sweet Dream/ 17 (Chrysalis) #9
KELLY-Mary, Mary/ Reverend Richard Bailey (Deram)
JOHN KONGOS-Flim Flam Pharisee/ Blood (Dawn)
LEGEND-Georgia George Part 1/ July (Bell)
LEVIATHAN-Flames/ Just Forget Tomorrow ( Elektra)
NEIL MacARTHUR-It’s Not Easy/ 12.29 (Deram)
MAGIC VALLEY-Taking The Heart Out Of Love/ Uptight Basil (Penny Farthing)
MARMALADE-Butterfly/ I Shall Be Released (CBS)
MOODY BLUES-Watching And Waiting/ Out And In (Threshold)
ORANGE BICYCLE-Carry That Weight-You Never Give Me Your Money/ Want To B Side (Parlophone)
PLASTIC ONO BAND-Cold Turkey/ Don’t Worry Kyoko (Apple) #14
RAINBOW-New Day Dawning/ Days And Nights (CBS)
SLADE-Wild Winds Are Blowing/ One Way Hotel (Fontana)
SPECTRUM-Glory/ Nodnol (RCA)
SPIRIT OF JOHN MORGAN-Ride On/ Along Came John (Carnaby)
STATUS QUO-Price Of Love/ Little Miss Nothing (Pye)
TIDAL WAVE-With Tears In My Eyes/ We Wanna Know (Decca)
TIMEBOX-Yellow Van/ You’ve Got The Chance (Deram)
TRASH-Golden Slumbers-Carry That Weight/ Trash Can (Apple) #35
TREMELOES-(Call Me) Number One/ Instant Whip (CBS) #2
MARK WIRTZ-Caroline/ Goody, Goody, Goody (CBS)
WRITING ON THE WALL-Child On A Crossing/ Lucifer Corpus (Middle Earth)

Flaming Youth


CIRCUS-Circus (Transatlantic)
DEVIANTS-Deviants 3 (Transatlantic)
NICK DRAKE-Five Leaves Left (Island)
FLAMING YOUTH-Ark 2 (Fontana)
KING CRIMSON-In The Court Of The Crimson King (Island) #5
JOHN KONGOS-Confusions About A Gold Fish (Dawn)
TERRY REID-Superlungs (Columbia)
SOFT MACHINE-Volume 2 (Probe)








Try A Little Sunshine : Could have been a very nice song, but something's a bit wrong about the production somewhere.


Yellow Van : They have the potential to be a really great group but they seem to be veering in all kinds of directions. Consequently this isn't up to much.


Golden Slumbers/ Carry That Weight : You'll be saying their name a lot very soon, as this single crashes up the chart. It has only one drawback--I had to turn my volume knob up very high to hear them at all, but it was worth it. Great fugue organ and crashing, thundering drumming complete what must be a huge smash record.

Mark Wirtz

Caroline : I have a horrible feeling that this may be quite successful. He did warn me but even I wasn't ready for this strange little thing.


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