The Owl - Run To The Sun


APPLE-Let’s Take A Trip Down The Rhine/ Buffalo Billy Can (Page One)
BLOSSOM TOES-Post Card/ Everyone’s Leaving Me Now (Marmalade)
BONZO DOG DOO-DAH BAND-Urban Spaceman/ Canyons Of Your Mind (Liberty) #5
JOHN BROMLEY-And The Feeling Goes/ Sweet Little Princess (Polydor)
CAT’S EYES-I Thank You Marianne/ Turn Around (Deram)
CHERRY SMASH-Goodtime Sunshine/ Little Old Country Home Town (Decca)
CREAM-Sunshine Of Your Love/ Swlabr (Polydor) #25
ECLECTION-Please/ St George And The Dragon (Elektra)
EPISODE SIX-Lucky Sunday/ Mr Universe (Chapter One)
FACTORY-Path Through The Forest/ Gone (MGM)
THE FLIES-Magic Train/ Gently As You Feel (RCA)
GILES, GILES AND FRIPP-Thursday Morning/ Elephant Song (Deram)
THE GODS-Baby’s Rich/ Somewhere In The Street (Columbia)
THE GUN-Race With The Devil/ 3-4 In The Middle (CBS) #8
HARSH REALITY-Tobacco Ash Sunday/ How Do You Feel (Philips)
JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE-All Along The Watchtower/ Long Hot Summer Night (Track) #5
INFANTES JUBILATE-Exploding Galaxy/ Take It Slow (Music Factory)
JULY-Hello, Who’s There?/ The Way (Major Minor)
LEMON TREE-It’s So Nice To Come Home/ Come On Girl (Parlophone)
THE LOOT-She’s A Winner/ Save Me (Page One)
MOODY BLUES-Ride My See-Saw/ Simple Game (Deram) #42
MY DEAR WATSON-Make This Day Last/ Stop Stop I’ll Be There (Parlophone)
NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY-Love Me Two Times/ Which Way To Go (MCA)
ORANGE BICYCLE-Sing This All Together/ Take A Trip On An Orange Bicycle (Columbia)
THE OUTER LIMITS-Great Train Robbery/ Sweet Freedom (Instant)
THE OWL-Run To The Sun/ Shades Of Blue And Green Water Flies (UA)
PICCADILLY LINE-Evenings With Corinna/ My Best Friend (CBS)
BARRY RYAN-Eloise/ Love I Almost Found You (MGM) #2
SECONDHAND-Reality (Polydor)
SERENDIPITY-Through With You/ I’m Flying (CBS)
SOUND BARRIER-She Always Comes Back To Me/ Groovin’ Slow (Beacon)
THE SPECTRUM-Little Red Boat/ Forget Me Not (RCA)
CAT STEVENS-Here Comes My Wife/ It’s A Super Duper Day (Deram)
SHARON TANDY WITH FLEUR-DE-LYS-Hold On/ Daughter Of The Sun (Atlantic)
THE WHO-Magic Bus/ Dr Jekyll And Mr Hide (Track) #26

Barry Ryan - Eloise


JEFF BECK-Truth (Columbia)
THE ALAN BOWN!-Outward Bown (Music Factory)
CARAVAN--Caravan (Verve)
DEEP PURPLE-Shades Of Deep Purple (Parlophone)
THE GODS-Genesis (Columbia)
THE KINKS-The Village Green Preservation Society (Pye)
ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK-Tonite Let’s All Make Love In London (Instant)





I Remember seeing Free in all the pubs and halls around west London. I also saw Led Zep's first gig at the Marquee as the New Yardbirds and being overawed by John Bonham, who we knew of as he had played for Tim Rose at a gig at the Marquee supporting Aynsley Dunbar. Bonham came on then with a small studio kit, a 16 inch bass drum, but the sound was like bombs going off, and he beat Aynsley with his solo.

Kenny White-drummer with Clear Blue Sky


DotBlossom Toes

Postcard: A jolly nuttiness surrounds their whole set-up. They have so far remained encased in a great stock of anonymity, but here is a jolly, nutty record that might just appeal to jolly nuts everywhere. It tells of the joys of sending postcards home from holiday containing such fascinating information as 'it hasn't rained--much.' 

DotDeep Purple

Shades Of Deep Purple (LP): A selection of highly professional freak-outs in a cross between the Nice, Arthur Brown and Hendrix.

DotEpisode Six

Lucky Sunday: A glorious sound, bristling with hit potential. Here are a group who have long deserved a hit, and look like breaking through at last. I had a few worrying moments during the quieter passages, thinking to myself: "Would young teenyboppers yawn, stop bopping and find their precious thoughts drift with innocence and sunbeams to another pleasurable distraction?" It needs heavy listening, but there are numerous musical delights to titillate the ear and tempt jaded palates.

DotThe Gun

Race With The Devil : A frenzied beat that'll leave you limp, strident fuzz guitar shrieking brass in the background and a berserk uninhibited vocal complete with a demoniacal laughter. This one's a real sizzler!

Race With The Devil: While one must admit the Gun appear to have been influenced by Arthur Brown down to some diabolical laughter, the effect remains fiendishly exciting. Watch for some groovy guitar work and try to forget about lines about "The Devil's Grip".

DotLemon Tree

It's So Nice To Come Home : Produced by Andy Fairweather-Low, it's a jaunty rollicking number with a semi-martial beat - and a very catchy tune. Good robust fun - an enthusiast treatment of above average material.

DotMoody Blues

Ride My see Saw: A good track off their recent album that rocks and thinks, which is quite hard in these troubled times of rioting and bomb throwing. 

DotNew York Public Library

Love Me Two Times: A Doors song and the performance sounds a bit Doors-ish too. Nice though--it sounds as though they believe in what they are doing. A big, rolling beat helps it along and I wouldn't mind seeing this in the chart at all.

DotOrange Bicycle

Sing This All Together: The Bicycle played this at that ghastly Isle of Wight pop festival, and helped make me forget the bloke kicking me in the back, the bitter cold, the stench, the dirt, boredom and misery for a few minutes. They are a good little band and this Jagger-Richard groover might give them a hit.

DotOuter Limits

Great Train Robbery: Not our Great Train Robbery, but one that took place in 1899 which makes a romantic tale given full orchestral accompaniment and a catchy hook phrase: "Do you remember the Great train Robbery?" Trouble is, having aroused memories of the incident, the singers, who sound as though they were trying to forget the Great Train Robbery, then fail to add any further statements. I expected them to say "Well, we done it, so there."

DotBarry Ryan

Eloise: Paul Ryan wrote the song and Barry sings with a considerable power reminding me, oddly enough, of Chris Farlowe. A brilliant arrangement, and spectacular recording quality. The orchestra thunders, barks, roars then fades with symphonic depth and feeling before returning to a rock beat finale. In conception and execution it stands head and shoulders above most of this week's releases, and will excite interest among connoisseurs of progressive pop, but--sadly--not a hit.



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