BADFINGER-No Matter What/ Better Days (Apple) #5
BEE GEES-Lonely Days/ Man For All Seasons (Polydor) #33
EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND-Apache Dropout/ Freedom (Harvest) #33
DREAM POLICE-I’ve Got No Choice/ What’s The Cure For Happiness? (Decca)
FOREVER MORE-Put Your Money On A Pony/ Yours (RCA)
MICK JAGGER-Memo From Turner/ Natural Magic (Decca) #32
KINKS-Apeman/ Rats (Pye) #5
LINDISFARNE-Clear White Light Part 2/ Knacker’s Yard Blues (Charisma)
RALPH McTELL-Spiral Staircase/ Terminus (Big T)
MR FOX-Little Woman/ Join Us In Our Game (Transatlantic)
THE NICE-Country Pie/ One Of those People (Charisma)
PRETTY THINGS-October 26/ Cold Stone (Harvest)
QUIET WORLD-Rest Comfortably/ Gemima (Pye)
RARE BIRD-What Do You Want To Know/ Hammerhead (Charisma)
STATUS QUO- In My Chair/ Gerdundula (Pye) #21
STRANGE FOX-Bring it On Home/ Time And Tide (Parlophone)
THUNDERCLAP NEWMAN-Wild Country/ Hollywood (Track)
TIN TIN-Come On Over Again/ Shana (Polydor)
TITUS GROAN-Open The Door/ Woman Of The World/ Liverpool (Dawn)
VELVET OPERA-She Keeps Giving Me These Feelings/ There’s A Hole In My Pocket (Spark)
THE WHO-Overture/ Christmas/ I’m Free/ See Me, Feel Me (Track EP)


KEVIN AYERS-Shooting At The Moon (Harvest)
BADFINGER-No Dice (Apple)
SYD BARRETT-Barrett (Harvest)
BEE GEES-Two Years On (Polydor)
BEGGARS OPERA- Act One (Vertigo)
GRAHAM BOND- Holy Magick (Vertigo)
PETE BROWN & PIBLOKTO!-Thousands On A Raft (Harvest)
CLARK-HUTCHINSON-Retribution (Deram)
COLOSSEUM-Daughter Of Time (Vertigo) #23
DELIVERY-Fools Meeting (B&C)
FAMILY-Anyway (Reprise) #7
GENTLE GIANT- Gentle Giant (Vertigo)
HERON-Heron (Dawn)
HOLLIES-Confessions Of The Mind (Parlophone) #30
HUMAN BEAST-Vol 1 (Decca)
KILLING FLOOR- Out Of Uranus (Penny Farthing)
KINKS-Lola Versus Powerman And The Money-Go-Round (Pye)
McDONALD AND GILES-McDonald And Giles (Island)
THE MOVE-Looking On (Fly)
PATTO- Patto (Vertigo)
STEAMHAMMER- Mountains (B&C)
TITUS GROAN-Titus Groan (Dawn)
T.REX-T. Rex (Fly) #13
WARHORSE-Warhorse (Vertigo)





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