MARC BOLAN-Hippy Gumbo/ Misfit (Parlophone)
BYSTANDERS-My Love-Come Home/ If You Walk Away (Piccadilly)
THE EYES OF BLUE-Up And Down/ Heart Trouble (Deram)
FACTOTUMS-I Can’t Give You Anything/ Absolutely Sweet Marie (Piccadilly)
FLEUR DE LYS-Mud In Your Eye/ I’ve Been Trying (Polydor)
GNOMES OF ZURICH-Please Mr Sun/ I’m Coming Down With The Blues (Planet)
LEE GRANT AND THE CAPITOLS-Breaking Point/ Don’t Cry Baby (Parlophone)
HERBAL MIXTURE-Machines/ Please Leave My Mind (Columbia)
HIGH SOCIETY-People Passing By/ Star Of Eastern Street (Fontana)
KATCH-22-Major Catastrophe/ Hold Me (Fontana)
KINKS-Dead End Street/ Big Black Smoke (Pye) #5
LISTEN-You’d Better Run/ Everybody’s Gonna Say (CBS)
THE LLAN-Realise/ Anytime (CBS)
THE MAZE-Hello Stranger/ Telephone (Reaction)
THE NIGHTRIDERS-It’s Only The Dog/ Your Friend (Polydor)
THE PANDAMONIUM-Season Of The Witch/ Today I’m Happy (CBS)
KEITH RELF-Shapes In My Mind/ Blue Sands (Columbia)
ROCKIN’ VICKERS-Dandy/ I Don’t Need Your Kind (CBS)
THANE RUSSAL-Drop Everything And Run/ I Need You (CBS)
THE SCORE-Please Please Me/ Beg Me (Decca)
SMALL FACES-My Mind’s Eye/ I Can’t Dance With You (Decca) ##4
THE SPECTRES-Hurdy Gurdy Man/ Laticia (Piccadilly)
THE TRUTH-Jingle Jangle/ Hey Gyp (Deram)
TWICE AS MUCH-True Story/ You’re So Good For Me (Immediate)


THE WHO-Ready Steady Who (Reaction)


KINKS-Face To Face (Pye) #12




Only just found your site. Very interesting to a sad old git like me who can’t help but bore my friends and family with how I saw Cream at Hoveton Village Hall in Norfolk and Hendrix, Cream, Floyd, etc at Spalding. The only problem was that I couldn’t remember dates. Thanks to you this has now been resolved.

My recollection of the Cream gig at Hoveton was walking to the hall and being stopped by a red headed guy driving an Alfa sports car asking “Where’s the village hall, mate?”. It was Ginger Baker driving himself to the performance.

The copy of the poster for Spalding Barbecue 67 brings back some memories. I think that I will now go and put on the kaftan and light some joss sticks.

Thanks again

Roger Hall




Major Catastrophe : Some of the weirdest guitar sounds on record, plus a frantic, storming beat.


Dead End Street : More Good-Time, but faster and with more of a solid punch than usual. Take "Sunny Afternoon", add a spoonful of "Summer In The City", plus a dash of cynicism and fatalism in the lyric, and you've got this new one. Ray solos as usual, with the boys chanting yeah-yeah's in the background. I like the introduction of the solo trombone--especially in the lengthy instrumental ending, while the boys are whispering "yeah" softly in deliberately dated style. A swinger, not so original as many Davies numbers, but brilliantly scored.

DotThane Russal

Drop Everything And Run : He has a peculiar Corncrake voice which I found quite intriguing. Thane's dynamic styling and the all-happening orchestral backing compensate for the weakish material. Mid-tempo.

DotSmall Faces

My Mind's Eye : Recently I've had cause to criticise the Faces regarding their treatment of the fans, but they're compensating in a big way with this disc, as it's tailor-made for the upper regions of the charts. A Simple melody, based upon progressions downwards through the scale, and with a catchy la-la chorus at the end, it registers from the very first spin. In it's unashamed simplicity, it's in the Troggs pattern- except for the fact that it has its own distinctive, strident guitar sound, so characteristic of the faces. Yes, another big one.

DotThe Truth

Jingle Jangle : Written by Reg Presley, this bears his hallmark of simply constructed melody and absorbing lyric. Nothing controversial about this--just a pleasant boy-and-girl romance. Features a pleasing vocal blend, a hummable tune, and a fascinating jingle backing, with clavioline and rasping sax prominent. I've got a felling this might happen!

DotThe Who

Ready Steady Who (EP) : The Who's fantastic stage act, which they presented recently on "Ready Steady Go!" (though I suspect this is recorded separately from the TV show), and comprising "Batman", "Bucket T", "Barbara Ann", "Disguises!" and "Circles". Of course, it's been impossible to capture the magnetism and electricity which they generate in person, but this goes a long way towards re-creating it. The top side is particularly invigorating with its strong surf influence, and the whole disc moves at a wild pace, and emits some startling sounds.



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