AMBROSE SLADE-Genesis/ Roach Daddy (Fontana)
BRIAN AUGER AND THE TRINITY-What You Gonna Do/ Bumpin’ On Sunset (Marmalade)
BEE GEES-Tomorrow, Tomorrow/ Sun In The Morning (Polydor) #23
THE BLINKERS-Original Sins/ Dreams Secondhand (Pye)
BLODWYN PIG-Dear Jill/ Sweet Caroline (Island)
ERIC BURDON/ ANIMALS-River Deep, Mountain High/ Help Me Girl (MGM)
COLOSSEUM-Walking In The Park/ Those About To Die (Fontana)
CONSORTIUM-When The Day Breaks/ Day The Train Never Came (Pye)
DAVID-Please Mr Postman/ Light Of Your Mind (Philips)
DREAMS-Baby, I’m Your Man/ Softly, Softly (CBS)
FRESH AIR-Running Wild/ Stop, Look, Listen (Pye)
THE GODS-Maria/ Long Time, Sad Time, Bad Time (Columbia)
HARDIN-YORK-Tomorrow, Today/ Candlelight (Bell)
HARSH REALITY-Heaven And Hell/ Praying For Reprieve (Philips)
THE HERD-The Game/ Beauty Queen (Fontana)
HONEYBUS-She Sold Blackpool Rock/ Would You Believe (Deram)
IDLE RACE-Days Of Broken Arrows/ Warm Red Carpet (Liberty)
JETHRO TULL-Living In The Past/ Driving Song (Island) #3
JUNIOR’S EYES-Circus Days/ Woman Love (Regal Zonophone)
KIPPINGTON LODGE-In My Life/ I Can See Her Face (Parlophone)
LIONS OF JUDAH-Our Love’s A Growing Thing/ Katja (Fontana)
JACKIE LOMAX-New Day/ I Fall Inside Your Eyes (Apple)
MANDRAKE PADDLE STEAMER-Strange Walking Man/ Steam (Parlophone)
MISUNDERSTOOD-You’re Tuff Enough/ Little Red Rooster (Fontana)
MOOCHE-Hot Smoke And Sassafras/ Seen Through A Light (Pye)
MUD-Shrangri-La/ House On A Hill (Philips)
NIRVANA-Oh! What A Performance/ Darling Darlane (Island)
OEDIPUS COMPLEX-Up Down Round And Round/ Empty Highway (Philips)
OPEN MIND-Horses And Chariots/ Before My Time (Philips)
PARKING LOT-World Spinning Sadly/ Carpet Man (Parlophone)
REG PRESLEY-Lucinda Lee/ Wichita Lineman (Page One)
PROCOL HARUM-A Salty Dog/ Long Gone Geek (Regal Zonophone) #44
SERENDIPITY-If I Could/ Castles (CBS)
SHY LIMBS-Reputation/ Love (CBS)
THUNDERCLAP NEWMAN-Something In The Air/ Wilhelmina (Track) #1
VELVET OPERA-Anna Dance Square/ Don’t You Realize (CBS)
THE WEB-Monday To Friday/ Harold Dubbleyew (Deram)


GEORGE HARRISON-Electronic Sound (Zapple)
HOLLIES-Sing Dylan (Parlophone) #3
JOHN LENNON/YOKO ONO-Life With The Lions-Unfinished Music #2 (Zapple)
THE STRAWBS-The Strawbs (A&M)
TYRANNOSAURUS REX-Unicorn (Regal Zonophone) #12
THE WHO-Tommy (Track) #2






Bee Gees

Tomorrow, Tomorrow: Rumours were circulating in the corridors of pop that only Robert Stigwood remains of the original Bee Gees, and that he has formed a backing group and is shortly to go on the road, commencing with two weeks residency at Batley Variety Club, but I think these can be safely discounted as wholly unfounded. This is a fine epic song from Maurice and barry Gibb, and Barry sings with all the power and feeling at his disposal. The strings and piano soar and crash, the tempos shift and the mood is of despair, but the promise of a silver lining just around the corner. Hi ho silver lining, and well done Barry.


Walking In The Park: It seems odd that people should ask "Where is the excitement in today's scene?" when Jon Hiseman is in our midst. This is a tremendous, towering tour de force and should be a monster hit--if those deejays would do their job.


You're Tuff Enough: Not a particularly good record. This is the first release by the reformed band and they lack rehearsal. It was important to get something out in a hurry and this blues rave-up serves as a nice introduction and discotheque material. Better things will be forthcoming.

Thunderclap Newman

Something In The Air: Stand by for sensation! Pete Townsend's proteges are about to be unleashed on the public. Thunderclap is the phantom pianist featured in a cliff-hanging boogie-type break sandwiched between the straight vocals. They make a weird team that will blow several minds. Townsend did the production and it's a strong chart contender, once their image is established.

Velvet Opera

Anna Dance Square: A bright, entertaining square dance, much in the mood of a Dave Mason composition Traffic used to play. Nice guitars and a compulsive dance beat.



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