TIM ANDREWS-Your Tea Is Strong/ (Something About) Suburbia (Parlophone)
AQUARIAN AGE-10,000 Words In A Cardboard Box/ Good Wizard Meets Naughty Wizard (Parlophone)
MIKE BATT-Mr Poem/ Fading Yellow (Liberty)
BOZ-I Shall Be Released/ Down In The Flood (Columbia)
ERIC BURDON/ANIMALS-Monterey/ Anything (MGM)
THE BYSTANDERS-This World Is My World/ Painting The Time (Pye)
THE CASUALS-Jesamine/ I’ve Got Something Too (Decca) #2
CAT’S EYES-Smile Girl For Me/ In A Fantasy World (Deram)
CAT’S PYJAMAS-Camera Man/ House For Sale (Direction)
CHORDS FIVE-Same Old Fat Man/ Hold On To Everythin’ You’ve Got (Polydor)
HANS CHRISTIAN-(The Autobiography Of) Mississippi Hobo/ Sonata Of Love (Parlophone)
THE CORTINAS-Phoebe’s Flower Shop/ Too Much In Love (Polydor)
CREAM-Anyone For Tennis/ Pressed Rat And Warthog (Polydor) #40
CUPID’S INSPIRATION-Yesterday Has Gone/ Dream (NEMS) #4
A.P.DANGERFIELD-Conversations (In A Station Light Refreshment Bar)/ Further Conversations (Fontana)
DONOVAN-Hurdy Gurdy Man/ Teen Angel (Pye) #4
SIMON DUPREE AND THE BIG SOUND-Part Of My Past/ This Story Never Ends (Parlophone)
BOEING DUVEEN AND BEAUTIFUL SOUP-Jabberwock/Which Dreamed It (Parlophone)
ANDY ELLISON-You Can’t Do That/ Casbah (SNB)
THE EXECUTIVE-Tracy Took A Trip/ Gardena Dreamer (CBS)
FINDER’S KEEPERS-Sadie (The Cleaning Lady)/ Without Her (Fontana)
FLEUR-DE-LYS-The Gong With The Luminous Nose/ Hammer Head (Polydor)
FOCAL POINT-Love You Forever/ Sycamore Syd (Deram)
WAYNE FONTANA-The Words Of Bartholomew/ Mind Excursion (Fontana)
ELMER GANTRY’S VELVET OPERA-Mary Jane/ Dreamy (Direction)
GENESIS-A Winter’s Tale/ One-Eyed Hound (Decca)
GILES, GILES AND FRIPP-One In A Million/ Newly-Weds (Deram)
TONY HAZZARD-Sound Of The Candyman’s Trumpet/ Everything’s Gone Wrong (CBS)
IDLE RACE-The End Of The Road/ The Morning Sunshine (Liberty)
GORDON JACKSON-Me And My Zoo/ A Day At The Cottage (Marmalade)
JIGSAW-One Way Street/ Then I Found You (MGM)
THE KINSMEN-It’s Good To See You/ Always The Loser (Decca)
THE KOOBAS-First Cut Is The Deepest/ Walking Out (Columbia)
THE MARIANE-As For Marionettes/ You Know My Name (Columbia)
THE MIRROR-Gingerbread Man/ Faster Than Light (Philips)
THE MONTANAS-Step In The Right Direction/ Someday (You’ll Be Breaking My Heart Again) (Pye)
A NEW GENERATION-Smokey Blues Away/ She’s A Soldier Boy (Spark) #38
ORANGE BICYCLE-Jenskadajka/ Nicely (Columbia)
PANDAMONIUM-Chocolate Buster Dan/ Fly With Me Forever (CBS)
RAINBOW FFOLLY-Go Girl/ Drive My Car (Parlophone)
TERRY REID-Better By Far/ Fires Alive (Columbia)
THE ROKES-The Works Of Bartholomew/ When The Wind Arises (RCA)
ROLLING STONES-Jumping Jack Flash/ Child Of The Moon (Decca) #1
SHUBERT-Until The Rains Came/ Let Your Love Go (Fontana)
THRESHOLD OF PLEASURE-Rain Rain Rain/ He Could Never Love You Like I Do (Decca)
TIMEBOX-Beggin’/ A Woman That’s Waiting (Deram) #38
TINKERBELL’S FAIRYDUST-Twenty Ten/ Walking My Baby (Decca)
MARTY WILDE-Abergavenny/ Alice In Blue (Philips)
WILD SILK-Poor Man/ Stop Crying (Polydor)
WORLD OF OZ-The Muffin Man/ Peter’s Birthday (Deram)


DONOVAN-A Gift From A Flower To A Garden (Pye) #13
McGOUGH AND McGEAR-McGough And McGear (Parlophone)
RAINBOW FFOLLY-Sallies Fforth (Parlophone)
SMALL FACES-Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake (Immediate) #1






DotTim Andrews

Something About Suburbia: It's a bird singing a bit like Steve Marriott. Hang about, my mate the unemployed portrait painter has just informed me "It's a bloke." Oh well, of course it could be a ferret. Who knows in these troubled times. Heavy four to the bar, brass. Catchy tune, fairly interesting lyrics.

DotThe Aquarian Age

10,000 Words In A Cardboard Box : Very offbeat and ambitious performance, earning a Record of the Week tag, and with great sounds of a wide variety. Must listen carefully, folks, but it's worth the effort.

DotEric Burdon & The Animals

Anything: Medium paced and subdued with The Animals augmented by lush strings. Nice, but not a gas.


Anyone For Tennis: By its instantly commercial sound this will result in the biggest ever hit for this unique musical combination. It's a simple, but swinging theme, with nonsense lyrics and a catchy hook phrase. Lots of influences are apparent--Dylan, Traffic, beatles etc, but Cream have achieved an original sound of their own.

DotBoeing Duveen and The Beautiful Soup

Jabberwock: A bit late for groups and singers with weird names, a bit late for Lewis Carroll revivals, and a bit late for freaky sounds. It's quite pleasant, vocal-wise, but the lyrics and in fact the whole concept are a bit of a drag.

DotFleur de Lys

Gong With The Luminous Nose: A funky British guitar and drums sound that won't do much, except shake up a few discotheques.

DotThe Koobas

First Cut Is The Deepest : I have always had faith in the Koobas making big. This, of course, has already carved a way into the charts, via P.P. Arnold, but it suits the lads well, with a strong atmosphere, tough lead voice, powered guitar - and a sturdy sort of tempo that got me going. Very well performed.

DotMcGough & McGear

McGough & McGear (LP): A tremendous album! An album that must be listened to from beginning to end. The poetry is biting, deep. The imagery is thought-provoking, clever but rarely facile. McGough and McGear are two extremely talented young men. You are urged to give this unusual album a listen.

DotOrange Bicycle

Jenskadajka: Don't be surprised if the title is spelt wrong. If Eric Clapton can have chickens on his stairs instead of chicken feathers, and The Beach Boys can completely vanish leaving only the title of their record, anything can happen to Jenskadajka. Anything except become a hit. It all sounds very Finnish or Norwegian, and the lyrics are quite clever. The beat is quite solid, rather in the vein of tap dancing reindeer. But the teentboppers will disapprove. 

DotRainbow Ffolly

Drive My Car: An LP track, and a good one - the group clearly has ideas and style. Probably not a chart entry, I'd say, but a compulsive bit of listening.

Sallies Fforth (LP): Very mixed set varying from simple and effective to pretentious piffle.

DotSmall Faces

Ogden's Nut Gone Flake (album): In case you hadn't noticed, the Small Faces are no longer a teenybopper group relying on the effervescent charm of Steve Marriott to keep the girlish screams at full volume. They have, in fact, developed into one of the most rewarding groups on the British scene, continually trying new things yet retaining contact with the public. Between them, they have also developed into a real force as songwriters. The album got plenty of publicity on the strength of it's novel, round sleeve with it's reproduction of a Victorian tobacco tin. But, for once, the gimmick is justified by the music. The Faces have come up with two suites - one on each side of the album. Each is divided into six tracks which cover a remarkable wide range of sounds and show the group's unusual virsatility - both as performers and writers. There is a constant flow of ideas and some of the lyrics have just the right blend of originality and humour - how about "Life is just a bowl of All Bran"? 'Ogdens', the first suite, includes their successful single 'Lazy Sunday' and another of Steve's cockney bits, 'Rene' all about the daughter of a docker. 'Happiness Stan', the best of the two, ends with a brilliant send-up track, 'Happy Days Toytown'. Each theme on this suite is introduced by Stanley Unwin whose double talk is effective enough first time through, but tends to pall a bit with repeated playing. The whole album is pop of a very high order and the arrangements are first class, full of varied sounds. There is a good use of a string section and some excellent guitar work as well as neat organ on 'Stan'. A thoroughly deserving LP of the month.

Ogden's Nut Gone Flake (album): An attempt to produce something a bit different and a huge success though three tracks may be a little too much of Steve's happy, cockney pub singer bit, and Stanley Unwin's gibberish introductions become irritating after a time. Still, there's a lot of good writing, playing and singing on this very different album which should be in every pop fan's home.


Beggin': I tip this one with perhaps an overoptimistic approach, but the boys are so good, and so musicianly, that they deserve a breakthrough. Great lead voice on a slow burning introduction and then it speeds up, with a wealth of ideas instrumentally, and the song, after a couple of plays, sounds very saleable indeed. A good release.

DotWorld Of Oz

The Muffin Man: Great! Super! This record is going to be a smash hit. These boys have great talent. Knockout. I'd be very surprised if this didn't make it. I think Mike Vickers had something to do with the production. They deserve a hit, these boys. I'm going out to buy 100 copies. I love the horses bit. Honestly, what a dancer! (Sue "Tiger" Mathis of The Paper Dolls comments in Melody Maker's "Blind Date" feature)


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