The Kinks - Waterloo Sunset

THE ACT-Cobbled Streets/ One Heart (Columbia)
THE BEATSTALKERS-My One Chance To Make It/ Ain’t Got No Soul (CBS)
THE BRAIN-Nightmares In Red/ Kick The Donkey (Parlophone)
ERIC BURDON/NEW ANIMALS-When I Was Young/ A Girl Named Sandoz (MGM) #45
CHORDS FIVE-I’m Only Dreaming/ Universal Vagrant (Island)
DAVE CLARK 5-Tabitha Twitchit/ Man In A Pin-Striped Suit (Columbia)
JULIAN COVAY AND THE MACHINE-A Little Bit Hurt/ Sweet Bacon (Island)
JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE-The Wind Cries Mary/ Highway Chile (Track) #6
HOLLIES-Carrie-Anne/ Signs That Will Never Change (Parlophone) #3
JOHN’S CHILDREN-Desdemona/ Remember Thomas A Becket (Track)
THE KINKS-Waterloo Sunset/ Act Nice And Gentle (Pye) #2
THE KOOBAS-Gypsy Fred/ City Girl (Columbia)
MANFRED MANN-Sweet Pea/ One Way (Fontana) #36
THE MIRAGE-The Wedding Of Ramona Blair/ Lazy Man (Phillips)
MONOPOLY-House Of Lords/ Magic Carpet (Polydor)
MOODY BLUES-Fly Me High/ Really Haven’t Got The Time (Decca)
THE ORIGINAL DYAKS-Got To Get A Good Thing Going/ Would You Love Me Too (Columbia)
PROCUL HARUM-A Whiter Shade Of Pale/ Lime Street Blues (Deram) #1
SMALL FACES-Patterns/ E Too D (Decca)
TOMORROW --My White Bicycle/ Clearmont Lake (Parlophone)
TRAFFIC-Paper Sun/ Giving To You (Island) #5
THE TROGGS-Night Of The Long Grass/ Girl In Black (Page One) #17
UNIT 4 +2-Too Fast Too Slow/ Booby Trap (Fontana)


EASYBEATS-Good Friday (UA)
JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE-Are You Experienced? (Track) #2
THE KINKS-Live At Kelvin Hall (Pye)
PRETTY THINGS-Emotions (Fontana)






DotEric Burdon

When I Was Young: Oh Wow! An extremely powerful return from Burdon who sounds as though he's got a lot off his mind and is now settling down to make lots of good sounds. It's an extremely impressive, truthful, and overpowering performance, from Vic Briggs' mind-shattering lead-in, Eric's hard and then lyrical wailing to the mystical hovering of the whole sound. An original, refreshing, yet right in the groove record which will be a big hit.

DotDave Clark 5

Tabatha Twitchit: I can't see this one making it. It's rather on the negative side (BBC DJ Pete Murray)


Carrie Anne: Yet another sure fire hit! This displays the group's excellent vocal ability to its fullest while the strolling backing is kept well in place. What else can you say? Again a finely produced record, full of harmonies, atmosphere, climax, interest, charm, thought...the lot.

DotJohn's Children

Desdemona: It's very repititious with just enough lyrical content to make you think "Aye, aye". I like it. The member of the group who answers the lead singer has a great voice. I'd like to hear more of him. (DJ Alan Freeman)

DotJulian Covey and The Machine

A Little Bit Hurt: A bit disappointing after the glamorous build-up it was getting. The riffs and concept of the song are rather old-hat. It's a very pleasant groovy record to listen to and it's well put together but there's no hit potential whatsoever. Covey must go out on a longer, more original limb, and lay something a bit newer down.


Waterloo Sunset: There's a sort of Winchester Cathedral feeling about this. I like the way they have toned it down. Even in the climaxes it never gets out of hand. It's nice to hear them in tranquil mood. It's a very hummable song (DJ Alan Freeman)

DotMoody Blues

I love this! They always get such a great feel. Oh what beautiful harmonies! Fabulous! Notice how they establish it very quietly and build without making a big fuss. The rhythm is very subtle, so cool and so definite. It's a fascinating record altogether. If they don't get right up the charts then there just isn't any justice (DJ Alan Freeman)

DotPretty Things

Emotions (album) : This top group has faded out of the limelight of late, but this LP should bring it back. With instrumental additions of trumpet, tenor sax, trombones, harps and cellos, they put over their rocking numbers in a low key, striving for, and getting, more intricate sounds without losing the beat-appeal on the arresting vocals by Phil May. On "Tripping" they build up the excitement without raising the volume, and the soft, haunting "Growing In My Mind" has a fascinating Oriental-sounding backing.

DotProcol Harum

A Whiter Shade Of Pale: Tremendous first record from a new group. A beautiful, sighing ballad which is really too much to take in all at once. Mainly featuring a distant angelic organ the record has a swinging, heavenly feel sweeping soulfully and ecstatically through your bones. Everything about the record is an overwhelming gas and carries all of the signs of a smash hit. Just listen to the knockout lyrics!

A Whiter Shade Of Pale: I know sounds like hip-type chart music. It's a record that has atmosphere. Now the vocal's started it doesnt sound like chart music. I don't think this is going to be a hit. It's not a bad record but it's rather negative (DJ Pete Murray)


My White Bicycle: This is one of the most exciting and commercial and catchy records to have come out of the new school of pop music. Tomorrow attack the auditory senses with a backwards spinning, cymbal-smashing, guitar chanting ditty about a carefree youth cycling the streets Provo style. It whips along with a whispering charm and an urgent, climactic atmosphere.

My White Bicycle: If it was a question of personal taste I'd say take it off after the first second! It's not my cup of tea at all...or my cup of anything. It's pretentious and a great drag (BBC DJ Pete Murray)


Night Of The Long Grass: This should put them straight back into the Top 30. Typical Troggs hypnotic effects but the arrangement is a little more complicated than usual from the rushing wind at the beginning to the girl choir gently oo-ing in the background. Reg sings as threateningly as ever but the lyric is rather difficult to decipher over the monotonous guitar figure. Must be a hit!



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