ALMOND MARZIPAN-Open Up Your Heart/ Summer Love (Trend)
ALAN AVON AND THE TOYSHOP-These Are The Reasons/ A Night To Remember (Concord)
GINGER BAKER'S AIRFORCE- Man Of Constant Sorrow/ Doin' It (Polydor)
BEE GEES-I.O.I.O./ Sweetheart (Polydor) #49
BLACK SABBATH- Evil Woman/ Wicked World (Vertigo)
DAVID BOWIE-The Prettiest Star/ Conversation Piece (Mercury)
CUPID’S INSPIRATION-Are You Growing Tired Of My Love/ Sunshine (CBS)
DREAM POLICE-I’ll Be Home (In A Day Or So)/ Living Is easy (Decca)
FLYING MACHINE-Hanging On The Edge Of Sadness/ Flying Machine (Pye)
HONEYBUS-Story/ Right To Choose (Deram)
JULIAN’S TREATMENT-Phantom City/ Aida, Dark Lady Of The Outer Worlds (Youngblood)
KING CRIMSON-Cat Food/ Groon (Island)
THE LOCOMOTIVE-Movin’ Down The Line/ Roll Over Mary (Parlophone)
LOVE STREET-Venus/ Rock & Roll Woman (Pye)
THE MOVE-Brontosaurus/ Lightnin’ Never Strikes Twice (Regal Zonophone) #7
PETER AND THE WOLVES-Something In The Way She Moves/ The Lady And Me (UPC)
SLADE-Shape Of Things To Come/ C’mon, C’mon (Fontana)
STATUS QUO- Down The Dustpipe/ Face Without a Soul (Pye) #12
AL STEWART-Electric Los Angeles Sunset/ My Enemies Have Sweet Voices (CBS)
TIMON-And Now She Says She’s Young/ I’m Just a Travelling Man (Threshold)
THE WHO-The Seeker/ Here For More (Track) #19
YELLOW-Roll It Down The Hill/ Living A Lie (CBS)




BLACK SABBATH- Black Sabbath (Vertigo) #8
BLACK WIDOW- Sacrifice (CBS) #32
PETE BROWN & PIBLOKTO!- Things May Come & Things May Go But The Art School Dance Goes On Forever (Harvest)
MICHAEL CHAPMAN-Fully Qualified Survivor (Harvest) #45
FACES- First Step (Warner Bros) #45
HONEYBUS-Story (Deram)
JETHRO TULL-Benefit (Island) #3
MARSUPILAMI- Marsupilami (Transatlantic)
SKIN ALLEY- Skin Alley (CBS)
TRADER HORNE-Morning Way (Dawn)
V/A (Including Pink Floyd)-Zabriskie Point (Polydor)








Almond Marzipan

Open Up Your Heart: A catchy rhythmic ballad, noteworthy for some very attractive harmonies


Argent (LP): Rod Argent, former leader of the ahead-of-their-time Zombies, has formed an extremely accomplished new band. Their music has a mind of its own but has taken a good part of the Zombies penchant for expressive harmonies against structured backings. Most of the songs would be strong enough to stand up outside of an album. All told an exceptional first album.

Cupid's inspiration

Are You Growing Tired Of My Love: A glossy and highly polished production, a driving beat and a vibrant performance add up to what I can only describe as a competent and commercial pop disc. Terry Rice-Milton's stirring powerhouse voice is encased in a lush backing, with tambourine accentuating the rhythm. It could make its mark if it gets sufficient exposure.



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