The Mirage - Hold On

THE ATTACK-Hi-Ho Silver Lining/ Any More Than I Do (Decca)
JEFF BECK-Hi-Ho Silver Lining/ Beck’s Bolero (Columbia) #14
DAVE BERRY-Stranger/ Stick By The Book (Decca)
ALAN BOWN SET-Gonna Fix You Good/ I Really Really Care (Pye)
CHANCES ARE-Fragile Child/ What Went Wrong (Columbia)
DEAD SEA FRUIT-Kensington High Street/ Put Another Record On (Camp)
DOUBLE FEATURE-Baby Get Your head Screwed On/ Come On Baby (Deram)
THE EXECUTIVE-Sensation/ Smokey Atmosphere (CBS)
THE FLIES-House Of Love/ It Had To Be You (Decca)
GATES OF EDEN-One To Seven/ Hey Now (Pye)
JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE-Purple Haze/ 51st Anniversary (Track) #3
HUMAN INSTINCT-Rich Man/ Illusions (Mercury)
MAGIC LANTERNS-Auntie Grizelda/ Time Will Tell If I’m A Loser (CBS)
MANFRED MANN-Ha Ha Said The Clown/ Feeling So Good (Fontana) #4
MARMALADE-Can’t Stop Now/ There Ain’t No Use In Hangin’ On (CBS)
THE MINDBENDERS-We’ll Talk About It Tomorrow/ Far Across Town (Fontana)
THE MIRAGE-Hold On/ Can You Hear Me (Phillips)
MONTANAS-Ciao Baby/ Anyone Here (Pye)
THE MOVE-I Can Hear The Grass Grow/ Wave The Flag And Stop The Train (Deram) #5
PETER AND GORDON-Sunday For Tea/ Start Trying Someone Else (Columbia)
PINK FLOYD-Arnold Layne/ Candy And A Currant Bun (Columbia) #20
ROBERT PLANT-Our Song/ Laughin’ Cryin’ Laughin’ (CBS)
THE REBELS-Hard To Love You/ Call Me (Page One)
DAVEY SANDS AND ESSEX-Advertising Girl/ Without You I’m Nothing (CBS)
SMALL FACES-I Can’t Make It/ Just Passing (Decca) #26
CAT STEVENS-I’m Gonna Get Me A Gun/ School Is Out (Deram) #6
THE STRANGERS-Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow/ Mary Mary (Pye)
THE TRUTH-Walk Away Renee/ Fly Away Bird (Decca)
THE ZOMBIES-Going Out Of My Head/ She Does Everything For Me (Decca)



MAGIC LANTERNS-Lit Up With The Magic Lanterns (CBS)
THE PUPILS-Tribute To The Rolling Stones (Wing)
CAT STEVENS-Matthew And Son (Deram) #7









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