ANAN-Haze Woman/ I Wonder Where My Sister’s Gone (Pye)
CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN-Fire/ Rest Cure (Track) #1
DEEP PURPLE-Hush/ One More Rainy Day (Parlophone)
ECLECTION-Nevertheless/ Mark Time (Elektra)
FLEUR-DE-LYS-Stop Crossing The Bridge/ Brick By Brick (Stone By Stone) (Atlantic)
FREEDOM-Where Will You Be Tonight/ Trying To Get A Glimpse Of You (Mercury)
GLASS MENAGERIE-You Didn’t Have To Be So Nice/ Let’s All Run To The Sun (Pye)
THE HUSH-Elephant Rider/ Grey (Fontana)
JULY-My Clown/ Dandelion Seeds (Major Minor)
JUNIOR’S EYES-Mr Golden Trumpet Player/ Black Snake (Regal Zonophone)
KINKS-Days/ She’s Got Everything (Pye) #12
MANFRED MANN-My Name Is Jack/ There Is A Man (Fontana) #8
MELODY FAIR-Something Happened To Me/ Sittin’, Watchin’, Waitin’ (Decca)
MOODY BLUES-Voices In The Sky/ Dr Livingstone I Presume (Deram) #27
THE MOVE-Something Else (EP) (Regal Zonophone)
NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY-Gotta Get Away/ Time Wastin’ (MCA)
THE NICE-America/ Diamond Hard Blue Apples Of The Moon (Immediate) #21
ORANGE MACHINE-Three Jolly Little Dwarfs/ Real Life Permanent Dream (Pye)
ORBIT FIVE-I Wanna Go To Heaven/ Walking (Decca)
PENNY PEEPS-I See The Morning/ Curly, The Knight Of The Road (Liberty)
PURPLE GANG-Kiss Me Goodnight Sally Green/ Auntie Monica (Big T)
RIFKIN-We’re Not Those People Anymore/ Continental Hesitation (Page One)
SCRUGG-Lavender Popcorn/ Sandwichboard Man (Pye)
THE SPECTRUM-London Bridge Is Coming Down/ Tables And Chairs (RCA)
SPOOKY TOOTH-Love Really Changed Me/ Luger’s Groove (Island)
THE STRAWBS-Oh How She Changed/ Or Am I Dreaming (A&M)
THE SWEETSHOP-Barefoot And Tiptoe/ Lead The Way (Parlophone)
VANITY FAIR-I Live For The Sun/ On The Other Side Of Life (Page One) #20
THE WHO-Dogs/ Call Me Lightning (Track) #25


CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN-Crazy World Of Arthur Brown (Track) #2
MANFRED MANN-Mighty Garvey! (Fontana)
SPENCER DAVIS GROUP-With Their New Face On (United Artists)
THE STATUS QUO-Picturesque Matchstickable Messages (Pye)

Spencer Davis Group Easybeats




July, who released their "My Clown" June!


The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown

The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown (album) : Exciting music with Arthur working up the atmosphere. Strong organ backing.

The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown (album): You can see Arthur, flaming bonce and all, leaping around while you're listening to this album. Built up on strong organ backing, Arthur's songs contain a great deal of homage to fire and flames. The music is exciting and Arthur works up the atmosphere by going from low-pitched singing to wails, screams and shouts.

Fire: I like this very much. Very exciting. It's not like other singers who get a style or arrangement imposed on them. I imagine Arthur Brown had quite a say in this. The overall Sound is very exciting. (Marty Feldman in Melody Maker's Blind Date)


Vigil (album) : They have a good habit of selecting good numbers. You'll find many of them on this album. Sometimes their vocalising gets a bit strained but their interesting orchestrations are strong on excitement.


My Clown: Sitar, assorted percussion and some odd recording tricks certainly catch the attention on this debut single. Lead singer Tom Newman also wrote the tune which is sort of Eastern Hollies. He's obviously a newcomer of talent and this is just strange enough to catch the attention of DJs and fans. Given the plugs it could make it. I like it, anyway.


Days: Wonder Boy was a flop staggering in its finality and completeness, and now the brothers Davies sing through another non-descript tune against a barrage of strings--or electronics--it's difficult to tell these days. Ray seems to be going through a dull patch on the songwriting front, but we're sure he will pull another hit out of whatever bag he uses soon. This isn't the one, however.

DotManfred Mann

My Name Is Jack: Number One, it must be. This has hit written all over it. There's the familiar recorder intro and both melody and lyric have immediate gentle appeal. It all builds to a neatly engineered climax in the arrangement. All that and the usual high Manfred standard of performance.

DotMoody Blues

Voices In The Sky : Sounds like a Chinese Move. Wrong again. Curses. I was cheating by looking at the label, but that never gets me anywhere. It's a nice record. Moodies? I'll have this one at home. But they'll probably need something a bit more dynamic to get across again.

Voices In The Sky: While the group have sunk below the national consciousness since their hit days, they have improved vastly and are now producing some remarkably beautiful records, including this moody and blue ballad. If the public can forget "Go Now" then the Moodies should be back in the main stream of pop events soon.

The Nice

America: A tremendous performance from Britain's most exciting, original and experimental instrumental group. This tour de force on the Leonard Bernstein song is the most climactic number in their repertoire. It's nice to hear Davey O'List getting some guitar work in as well as Keith's organ. Blinky Davison underpins the group with his battering drums and takes a lightning break at the end of a brief snatch of Lee Jackson's poetry, read by a small girl, which refers to The Nice's concern for recent events in America.

Spencer Davis Group

With Their New Face On (album) : A great deal of care has obviously gone into this LP but, curiously, it is generally the simple, jazz-based things that come off best. The group is really excellent on tracks like "Alec In Transit Land" with great organ and piano from Eddie Hardin and fine guitar from Ray Fenwick in addition to the always dependable Spencer and Pete York--still one of the best drummers on the pop scene. The occasional failures occur when lyrical imagery falls over into pretentiousness, but taken all in all this is an excellent album which should delight Spencer's fans--the old as much as the new.

Spooky Tooth

Love Really Changed Me: These lads have been building quite a name for themselves around the clubs and this proves there's still a lot of untapped talent about. It's a good song and there's so much happening in the background you need to play it a few times before it all sinks in. Not one for the faint hearted, but i like it more every time I hear it. I wish it luck and lots of plugs. John Peel will play it anyway.


Dogs: This should sell a million at the White City and Shawfield--it's all about a real greyhound called "Yellow Printer". It's another Pete Townsend original with tremendous instant appeal. There's a lot of hilarity, notably chunks of Cockney, dog-lover's chat from Pete and John Entwhistle. Not exactly The Who at their most progressive but this deserves to make the top 5, and no doubt it will.



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