The Beatles - Paperback Writer


THE ATTRACTION-Stupid Girl/ Please Tell Me (Columbia)
BEAN AND LOOPY’S LOT-Hay Wire/ A Stitch In Time (Parlophone)
THE BEATLES-Paperback Writer/ Rain (Parlophone) #1
MARC BOLAN-The Third Degree/ San Francisco Poet (Decca)
BOZ-Pinnochio/ Stay As You Are (Columbia)
THE CRAIG-I Must Be Mad/ Suspense (Fontana)
CREATION-Making Time/ Try And Stop Me (Planet) #49
CRYIN’ SHAMES-Nobody Waved Goodbye/ You (Decca)
CHRIS CURTIS-Aggravation/ Have I Done Something Wrong (Pye)
CYMBALINE-Top Girl/ Can You Hear Me (Mercury)
THE FALLING LEAVES-Beggars Parade/ Tomorrow Night (Decca)
CHRIS FARLOWE-Out Of Time/ Baby Make It Soon (Immediate) #1
HOLLIES-Bus Stop/ Don’t Run And Hide (Parlophone) #5
KINKS-Sunny Afternoon/ I’m Not Like Everybody Else (Pye) #1
THE KNACK-Stop/ Younger Girl (Piccadilly)
NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY-I Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore/ Rejected (Columbia)
THE PINEAPPLE CHUNKS-Drive My Car/ Dream About (Mercury)
SPIDER-The Comedown Song/ Blow Ya Mind (Decca)
TREMELOES-Blessed/ The Right Time (Decca)
WIMPLE WINCH-Save My Soul/ Everybody’s Worried ‘Bout Tomorrow (Fontana)
ZOMBIES-Indication/ How We Were Before (Decca)


Wimple Winch - Save My Soul


HOLLIES-Would You Believe (Parlophone) #16
KINKS-Well Respected Kinks (Marble Arch) #5
THE MINDBENDERS-The Mindbenders #28





The Creation

Making Time: Gripping groupy groover with cool drumming and guitar played with a violin bow. Certainly an original sound, rather like a swinging Queen Mary fog hooter. A technique that's going to spread.



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