ALMOND MARZIPAN-Marie Take A Chance/ I’ll Forget You (Trend)
AUDIENCE- Belladonna Moonshine/ The Big Spell (Charisma)
BASKIN AND COPPERFIELD-The Long And Winding Road/ Beautiful Blue Eyes (Decca)
BLACK SABBATH- Paranoid/ The Wizard (Vertigo) #4
PETE BROWN/PIBLOKTO!-Can’t Get Off The Planet/ Broken Magic (Harvest)
DUNCAN BROWNE-Resurrection Joe/ Final Asylum (Bell)
JIMMY CAMPBELL-Don’t Leave Me Now/ So Lonely Without You (Fontana)
FAIRFIELD PARLOUR-Just Another Day/ Caraminda/ I Am All The Animals/ Song For You (Vertigo)
FAIRWEATHER-Natural Sinner/ Haven’t I Tried (RCA) #6
FAMILY-The Weaver’s Answer/ Strange Band/ Hung Up Down (Reprise) #11
JIGSAW-Lollipop And Goody Man/ Seven Fishes (Fontana)
MEDICINE HEAD-Coast To Coast/ All For Tomorrow (Dandelion)
MUD-Jumping Jehosaphat/ Won’t Let It Go (Philips)
ORANGE BICYCLE-Jelly On The Bread/ Make It Rain (Parlophone)
PANAMA LIMITED-Round And Round/ Rotting Wooden In A White Collar’s Grave (Harvest)
SALAMANDER-Crystal Ball/ Billy (CBS)
STRAWBS-Forever/ Another Day (A & M)
SWEET SALVATION-Honey Man/ Freedom City (B&C)
THE TIMES-Looking Thru’ The Eyes Of A Beautiful Girl/ Flyin’ High Feelin’ Low (Parlophone)
TREES-Nothing Special/ Epitaph (CBS)
THE WHO-Summertime Blues/ Heaven And Hell (Track) #38


AUDIENCE- Friend's Friend' Friend (Charisma)
DANDO SHAFT-An Evening With (Young Blood)
FAIRPORT CONVENTION-Full House (Island) #13
FOTHERINGAY-Fotheringay (Island) #18
GHOST- When You're Dead--One Second (Gemini)
HARDIN & YORK-The World’s Smallest Big Band (Bell)
HUMBLE PIE-Humble Pie (A&M)
JULIAN'S TREATMENT- A Time Before This (Young Blood)
SPOOKY TOOTH-The Last Puff (Island)







Belladonna Moonshine: Takes quite a few spins before it registers. An original and distinctive sound, with forceful piano, guitar and saxes adding depth  to the vocal harmonising. A group from whom we'll be hearing a lot more in future.


Paranoid: An almost demonic approach to this furious mindblowing set. The disc really lives up to its title and gives the impression of an uninhibited freak-out. Only for those who want to be shattered!


Can't Get Off The Planet: Throbbing, pounding drums and swinging organ underline the fruity solo vocal in this exhilarating set. Lyrically I'm not quite sure what it's all about, but that doesn't really matter because the overall sound is pulsating and palpitating. A bit too way-out to have mass appeal.


Don't Leave Me Now: Jimmy dualtracks the beseeching and poignant lyric of his lilting self-penned ballad, with a delicate guitar accompaniment.


Just Another Day: An enchanting routine--wispy, fluffy and haunting--which erupts into an intense ensemble chorus. There's a touch of old-world charm about this group, especially in the quieter acoustic sequences--just as in its previous single 'Bordeaux Rose'. This is equally delightful, and I hope it gets a better break than the last one.


Full House (LP): I'm lost with admiration for this band who've been supplying me with my most enjoyable listening since way back. A brilliant, exciting album, maintaining all of the joy and youthfulness that has always characterised Fairport.


Natural Sinner: The best record Andy Fairweather-Lowe has ever made! Starts with an intriguing, almost ethereal sound, then the pulsating beat begins building with catchy tempo changes and Andy pouring his heart out. Instantly appealing. Certain to make the top 5.


Fotheringay (LP): It's not so much a barrier-shatterer or a mind blaster...more a gentle, insinuating affirmation of what is one of the most exciting and open idioms on the current scene.


The World's Smallest Big Band (LP): It's sometimes hard to believe that it's just humans generating all this power and excitement!


Humble Pie (LP): If you don't know what the creature in the title of 'One-Eyed Trouser Snake Rumba' is, write to me for the answer in a plain, sealed envelope!


Coast To Coast: A John Peel production set to predominantly piano, guitar and drum chunk beat. The rather repetitive vocal is almost spoken and the melody isn't one that's likely to carry it into the charts.


Jumping Jehosaphat: A bustling up-beat toe-tapper with a gimmicky title phrase and a sparkling accompaniment. Gay and light hearted, it's a fun disc.


Crystal Ball: This powers along at an up-tempo gallop pace backed by twangs, reverberating beat and falsetto chanting supporting the soloist. Then, suddenly and inexplicably, it slows down to funeral pace in an instrumental break which destroys the rhythm of the whole routine.


The Last Puff (LP): This is the album that was supposed to have marked the rejuvenation of Spooky Tooth but turned out to be their swansong, and what a loss their demise will be, because this is the best thing ever done under the Spooky banner. Their 6 minute version of 'I Am The Walrus' scintillates with that Spooky Tooth strength for dramatics and instrumental power. 


Forever: A warm and glowing love song. A tenderly caressing piece, mainly soloed but building to an expansive ensemble coda. Noteworthy for its beautiful string scoring, with violins and solo cello. An unlikely hit, but a disc for the fan who likes some quality and substance with his pop.


Nothing Special: Features the voice of Celia Humphris which is beautifully clear and stands out strongly against interweaving harmonies from the backing instruments. A very original sound which could catch on given the plugs.


Summertime Blues: The Who at its most pulverising, vibrant and electrifying best. Nothing subtle or progressive about it--simply hard-driving, block-busting rock.


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