DUNCAN BROWNE-On The Bombsite/ Alfred Bell (Immediate)
BUBBLEGUM-Little Red Bucket/ With The Sun In Your Hair (Philips)
THE CYMBALINE-Down By The Seaside/ Fire (Philips)
KEITH DANGERFIELD-No Life Child/ She’s A Witch (Plexium)
DAVE DAVIES-Lincoln County/ There Is No Life Without Love (Pye)
ZION DE GALLIER-Dream Dream Dream/ Geraldine (Parlophone)
DUKE’S NOBLEMEN-City Of Windows/ Thank You For Your Loving (Philips)
EAST OF EDEN-King Of Siam/ Ballad Of Harvey Kaye (Atlantic)
EASYBEATS-The Land Of Make Believe/ We All Live Happily (UA)
ELASTIC BAND-Do Unto Others/ 8 1/2 Hours Of Paradise (Decca)
FAMILY-Me My Friend/ Hey Mr Policeman (Reprise)
CHRIS FARLOWE-Paint It, Black/ I Just Need Your Lovin’ (Immediate)
FRIENDS-Piccolo Man/ Mythological Sunday (Deram)
THE GLASS OPENING-Silver bells And Cockle Shells/ Does It Really Matter (Plexium)
GRAPEFRUIT-C’mon Marianne/ Ain’t It Good (RCA) #31
HOPSCOTCH-Look At The Lights Go Up/ Some Old Fat Man (UA)
ICARUS-You’re In Life/ Devil Rides Out ((Spark)
THE JENSENS-Deep Thinking/ Marguerite (Philips)
THE MIRAGE-Mystery Lady/ Chicago Cottage (Page One)
THE NEAT CHANGE-I Lied To Auntie May/ Sandman (Decca)
THE NERVE-It Is/ Mystery Lady (Page One)
THE NEW FORMULA-My Baby’s Coming Home/ Burning In The Background (Pye)
OPAL BUTTERFLY-Beautiful Beige/ Speak Up (CBS)
PATTERN PEOPLE-Take A Walk In The Sun/ Love Is A Lover Loving To Be Loved (MGM)
PICADILLY LINE-Yellow Rainbow/ Evenings With Corrina (CBS)
PLASTIC PENNY-Your Way To Tell Me Go/ Baby You’re Not To Blame ( Page One)
RAINBOW PEOPLE-Walk’ll Do You Good/ Dream Time (Pye)
SKIP BIFFERTY-Man In Black/ Mr Money Man (RCA)
SLEEPY-Love’s Immortal Fire/ Is It Really The Same (CBS)
SMALL FACES-The Universal/ Donkey Rides, A Penny A Glass (Immediate) #16
THE STATUS QUO-Ice In The Sun/ When My Mind Is Not Live (Pye) #8
THE SWEET-Slow Motion/ It’s Lonely Out There (Fontana)
PETER THOROGOOD-Haunted/ If No One Sang (Pye)
TOBY TWIRL-Toffee Apple Sunday/ Romeo And Juliet (Decca)
KEITH WEST-The Kid Was A Killer/ On A Saturday (Parlophone)


FAIRPORT CONVENTION-Fairport Convention (Polydor)
FAMILY-Music In A Doll’s House (Reprise) #35
ELMER GANTRY’S VELVET OPERA-Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera (Direction)
JULY-July (Major Minor)
MOODY BLUES-In Search Of The Lost Chord (Deram) #5
THE NICE-The Thoughts Of Emerlist Davjack (Immediate)
PINK FLOYD-A Saucerful Of Secrets (Columbia) #9
SKIP BIFFERTY- Skip Bifferty (RCA)
SPOOKY TOOTH-It’s All About A Roundabout (Island)
TYRANNOSAURUS REX-My People Were Fair And Had Sky In Their Hair But Now They’re Content To Wear Stars On Their Brows ( Regal Zonophone) #15






DotDuncan Browne

On The Bombsite: Medium-paced, pretty, thoughtful and there are all the signs of human intelligence at work. Gently jangling guitars, firm drumming, and warm vocals from newcomer Duncan indicate that perhaps all is not lost, and we won't have to start a Stargazers revival after all. Nice.


Music In A Doll's House (LP): An English group on an American label who are highly confident of their creative powers, which they prove with a Dave Mason produced selection of Toyland 'n' soul compositions--as near a label as you can get with such an original team.

DotZion de Gallier

Dream Dream Dream: Zion is a hill in Jerusalem, and a Zionist as we all know is an advocate of the colonisation of Palestine by modern Jews. After listening to this strange ditty, which is like a cross between Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band and Dear Delilah, I feel like uttering "schmock" from the Yiddish, a form of old German with words added from many modern languages, spoken chiefly by Jews from Slavonic countries. Not a terribly corking sound.

DotElmer Gantry's Velvet Opera

Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera (album) : A London group's first album revealing their musical ability, instrumentally and vocally, and their sense of humour. Surprisingly varied and entertaining.


July (LP): An impressive first album, allying a propulsive beat with a wide range of intelligently used instrumental sounds.

DotMoody Blues

In Search Of The Lost Chord (LP): Poetry with a Birmingham accent! Highly inventive and excellent production. The Moodies have come a long way in the last year, and are accepted on the Underground as a top creative group. A vast selection of instruments are played by the group who take us on a musical trip leading to "Om".

DotPink Floyd

A Saucerful Of Secrets (LP): Exciting, penetrating, experimental sounds by Britain's top psychedelic group, much maligned and misunderstood. They really score on recording rather than 'live' performances, particularly on the eerie title track, which proves that the experiments in jazz, pop, contemporary serious music and electronics are all moving in the same direction.

DotPlastic Penny

Your Way To Tell Me Go: Pin back your ears! Dig in your toes! Pick your nose, and stand by for the NEW SOUND OF PLASTIC PENNY! Yes folks, here is an exciting blast of sheer jive, that will cause young girls to loosen their stays and lose their inhibitions, while young boys will close their eyes, and sway rhythmically to the beat as if crazed. Listen for heavy bass patterns, good vocals and a solid lead guitar.

DotSkip Bifferty

Man In Black: Skip Bifferty haven't done much skipping yet, but with a bright song, mobs of action, and excellent production by the old firm of Marriott & Lane, Bifferty deserves to bounce into the chart soon.

Skip Bifferty (LP): Brilliant first album by a struggling group that deserve recognition. They write excellent material and have a pleasant combination of humour and dedication, plus instrumental and vocal ability. Graham Bell must be a big star, and the group must be a big success, if discerning ear holes are still open!

DotSmall Faces

The Universal: This is either the worst release of their career, or the most original. It's a staggering change from the Faces usual sound, and Marriott doesn't even sound like the Steve we all know and dig. Strange Dylan type lyrics, sung to a 12-string guitar, with added Don Partridge-type bass drum thumping, corny trombone, clarinet and street noises. The vocal sounds decidely serious, with the deadpan qualities of a Ray Davies performance, yet the backing sounds like the Small Faces out of work aged about seventy. As a Faces fan, I hope somebody likes it, but this strikes me as a catastrophic mistake.

DotSpooky Tooth

It's All About (LP): Powerful sounds by a group fast gaining popularity, featuring the unusual double power of a harpsichord and an organ.

DotTyrannosaurus Rex

My People Were Fair...(LP): The attraction lies in the simplicity, fun and beauty.




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