THE ATTACK-Try It/ We Don’t Know (Decca)
THE BYSTANDERS-98.6/ Stubborn Kind Of Fellow (Piccadilly) #45
PETER COOK/DUDLEY MOORE-The L.S Bumble Bee/ The Bee Side (Decca)
THE CYMBALINE-I Don’t Want It/ Where Did Love Go Wrong (Mercury)
SPENCER DAVIS GROUP-I’m A Man/ Can’t Get Enough Of It (Fontana) #9
CHRIS FARLOWE-My Way Of Giving/ You’re So Good For Me (Immediate) #48
THE FINGERS-All Kinds Of People/ Circus With A Female Clown (Columbia)
THE GAME-The Addicted Man/ Help Me Mummy’s Gone (Parlophone withdrawn)
THE KOOBAS-Sally/ Champagne and Caviar (Columbia)
THE LOOT-Baby Come Closer/ Baby Come Closer (diff. Version) (Page One)
THE MOODY BLUES-Life’s Not Life/ He Can Win (Decca)
ONE IN A MILLION-Use Your Imagination/ Hold On (CBS)
OSCAR-Over The Wall We Go/ Every Day Of My Life (Reaction)
THE PYRAMID-Summer of Last Year/ Summer Evening (Deram)
RIOT SQUAD- Gotta Be A First Time/ Bitter Sweet Love (Pye)
ROLLING STONES-Let’s Spend The Night Together/ Ruby Tuesday (Decca) #3
SCIENCE POPTION-You’ve Got Me High/ Back In Town (Columbia)
NICKY SCOTT-Backstreet Girl/ Chain Reaction (Immediate)
THE SEARCHERS-Popcorn Double Feature/ Lovers (Pye)
THE TREMELOES-Here Comes My Baby/ Gentlemen Of Pleasure (CBS) #4
THE WAYS AND MEANS-Sea Of Faces/ Make The Radio A Little Louder (Pye)
WIMPLE WINCH-Rumble On Mersey Square South/ Typical British Workmanship* (Fontana)
*Some B-sides play ‘Atmospheres’.




DAVID GARRICK-A Boy Called David (Piccadilly)
MANFRED MANN-Soul Of Mann (HMV) #40
ROLLING STONES-Between The Buttons (Decca) #3




The Game

The Addicted Man: Lyrics won't please everyone--otherwise it's a fairly pedantic sort of group sound, with good instrumental splashes. Rather advanced, musically.


Sally: This'll either be a hit or a stinking great flop! The Gracie Fields oldie, sung straight with barely a glimmer of humour, and with long passages featuring the human whistle! Yet play it a couple of times and it starts clicking into place. Unusual, off-beat in this day and age.

The Loot

Baby Come Closer: Big hopes for this new larry page outfit--they come from rural parts as did the Troggs. An exciting instrumental sound and the vocal lines are full of purring sexiness, with a split arrangement. I've a feeling it'll break through first time. There'll be comparisons but nothing to worry about.

Moody Blues

Life's Not Life: These talented lads "bubbled under" last time out and this is rather a stronger release. Deliberately repetitious, a bit on the philosophic side, and arranged with an ear on the unusual. Can't see it being really big chops and changes around a bit too much.

Rolling Stones

Let's Spend The Night Together/ Ruby Tuesday: And everybody wonders if this one will get to number one. In fact, it should--and easily. Top value comes from "Spend The Night", which could have a fairly innocent air to it if it wasn't by the Stones! Slightly submerged Mick, over a bah-bahing vocal arrangement, sturdy drive and a highly commercial yet musicianly approach. Flip is a moody sort of slow ballad, in what the Stones call "our 'As Tears Go BY' mood". Good contrast, good value.


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