BRIAN AUGER/JULIE DRISCOLL-I Don’t Know Where You Are/ A Kind Of Love-In (Marmalade)
JEFF BECK-Love Is Blue/ I’ve Been Drinking (Columbia) #23
BEE GEES-Words/ Sinking Ships (Polydor) #8
BIG BOY PETE-Cold Turkey/ My Love Is A Spaceship (Camp)
BYSTANDERS-When Jezamine Goes/ Cave Of Clear Light (Pye)
THE CASUALS-Adios Amor (Goodbye My Love)/ Don’t Dream Of Yesterday (Decca)
DONOVAN-Jennifer Juniper/ Poor Cow (Pye) #5
FAIRPORT CONVENTION-If I Had A Ribbon Bow/ If (Stomp) (Track)
JOHNNY FARNHAM-Friday Kind Of Monday/ Sadie The Cleaning Lady (Columbia)
ANDY FORRAY-Epitaph To You/ Dream With Me (Decca)
GENESIS-The Silent Sun/ That’s Me (Decca)
GRAHAM GOULDMAN-Upstairs Downstairs/ Chestnut (RCA)
HAPPY MAGAZINE-Satisfied Street/ Do Right Woman, Do Right Man (Polydor)
HUMAN INSTINCT-Renaissance Fair/ Pink Dawn (Deram)
JETHRO TOE (TULL)-Sunshine Day/ Aeroplane (MGM)
THE KYTES-Running In The Water/ End Of The Day (Island)
LEGAY-No-One/ The Fantastic Story Of The Steam-Driven Banana (Fontana)
LOVE SCULPTURE-River To Another Day/ Brand New Woman (Parlophone)
MANFRED MANN-Up The Junction/ Sleepy Hollow (Fontana)
DAVE MASON-Just For You/ Little Woman (Island)
MINDBENDERS-Blessed Are The Lonely/ Yellow Brick Road (Fontana)
MOTIVATION-Come On Down/ Little Man (Direction)
THE NERVE-Magic Spectacles/ Come The Day (Page One)
A NEW GENERATION-Sadie And Her Magic Mr Galahad/ Digger (Spark)
ORANGE BICYCLE-Early Pearly Morning/ Go With Goldie (Columbia)
PRETTY THINGS-Talkin’ About The Good Times/ Walking Through My Dreams (Columbia)
THE QUESTIONS-We Got Love/ Something Wonderful (Decca)
PAUL AND BARRY RYAN-Pictures Of Today/ Madrigal (MGM)
CAT STEVENS-Lovely City/ Image Of Hell (Deram)
STILL LIFE-What Did We Miss/ My Kingdom Cannot Lose (Columbia)
MIKE STUART SPAN-Children Of Tomorrow/ Concerto Of Thoughts (Jewel)
TEN YEARS AFTER-Portable People/ The Sounds (Deram)
TRAFFIC-No Face No Name No Number/ Roamin’ In The Gloamin’ With 40000 Headmen (Island) #40
THE TROGGS-Little Girl/ Maybe The Madman? (Page One) #37
GARY WALKER AND THE RAIN-Spooky/ I Can’t Stand To Lose You (Polydor)
WAYS AND MEANS-Breaking Up A Dream/ She (Trend)
MARK WIRTZ ORCHESTRA-(He’s Our Dear Old) Weatherman/ Possum’s Dance (Parlophone)



BEE GEES-Horizontal (Polydor) #16
ROY HARPER- Come Out Fighting Ghengis Smith (CBS)
MANFRED MANN-Up The Junction-- Soundtrack (Fontana)
DAVID McWILLIAMS-Volume 3 (Major Minor) #39
ZOOT MONEY- Transition (Direction)
NIRVANA-The Story Of Simon Simopath (Island)
TOMORROW-Tomorrow Featuring Keith West (Parlophone)





DotThe Bee Gees

Horizontal (album) : The writing capabilities of the Gibbs are quite remarkable. Here are twelve tracks penned by the brothers and melodically they are way above most of the opposition. Some of their songs reach greatness in the pop idiom. The album exudes a mood of gentle sad sombreness induced in some part by the thoughtful and tasteful accompaniments directed by Bill Shepard. Among the best tracks are 'World', 'With The Sun In My Eyes', 'Massachusetts', 'Harry Braff' and 'Horizontal'.

Horizontal (album) : A song writing tour-de-force by the Gibb brothers. They wrote them all, and most are first class, including the title track, Massachusetts, Harry Braff and World.

DotAndy Forray

Epitaph To You: Builds a fine atmosphere--good voice and a very clever arrangement...unusual song most of the way.

DotJethro Tull

Sunshine Day : Jethro was originally the man who invented the seed drill. This Mr Tull, misnamed on the label as Jethro Toe, as going down a storm with his group in London clubs with an unusual sound and approach. While not a hit, this West Coast flavoured tune will break the recording ice.


Running In The Water : Backward running tapes give the rhythm section an interesting sound, but isn't that gimmick getting a little overdone? There's a nice swelling organ sound, a lot funkier than Barnaby Rudge's organ, which you remember we left being gawped at by beer-swilling Londoners. I'm just playing for time, folks. This isn't very hit-prone I'm afraid.

DotLove Sculpture

River To Another Day : An air of magic and mystery pervades this Beatles-influenced and extremely interesting sound. A clear and attractive lead voice, and the backing has some sturdy drumming, carefully used backwards tapes and an effective fade-out. Only complaint--too short! One to watch.

DotManfred Mann

Up The Junction : The score for the controversial UTJ film was entirely written and performed by Manfred Mann, and this is the title number that runs through the picture. It's a brilliantly descriptive piece, conjuring up mental visions of the sordid, squalid location of the movie. Features some wonderfully sensitive harmonies by the boys, set to a backing of clanking piano, tambourine, twangs, and a solid beat - and at the end, it tapers off into infinity. The melody is simple and quick to register, with the title phrase constantly repeated. I'm told that this isn't intended as a follow up to "Quinn", but with the group's current popularity, it could well catch on.


Come On Down: Motivation come up with a fine record. Strongly drummed, with organ featured, this is one to watch for.


Tomorrow featuring Keith West (LP) : A very imaginative group are Tomorrow, and this LP spotlights a wide variety of songs, most of which are contrasting--and they have a varied selection of styles too. They also use reverse tapes, insidious harmonies, and good percussion work. Obviously a lot of trouble has gone into this--it deserves to sell.

Mark Wirtz

(He's Our Dear Old) Weatherman: What is it - the Chipmunks? Very interesting arrangement. A lot of records like this seem as though they coming over the radio from the other side of the world. Any minute you expect the cricket scores. Happy song - stands a chance. A bit of everything in this one.



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