The Kinks - Dedicated Follower of Fashion


THE ACTION-I’ll Keep Holding On/ Hey Sah-Lo-Ney (Parlophone)
ADAM MIKE AND TIM-Flowers On The Wall/ Give That Girl A Break (Columbia)
THE ANIMALS-Inside Looking Out/ Outcast (Decca) #12
A BAND OF ANGELS-Invitation/ Cheat And Lie (Piccadilly)
BOZ-Isn’t That So/ You’re Just The Kind Of Girl I Want (Columbia)
CRAIG-A Little Bit Of Soap/ Ready Steady Let’s Go (Fontana)
CRYIN’ SHAMES-Please Stay/ What’s New Pussycat (Decca) #26
DONOVAN-Josie/ Little Tin Soldier (Pye)
GRAHAM GOULDMAN-Stop Stop Stop/ Better To Have Loved And Lost (Decca)
THE HABITS-Elbow Baby/ Need You (Decca)
THE HERD-So Much In Love/ This Boy’s Always Been True (Parlophone)
HOLLIES-I Can’t Let Go/ Running Through The Night (Parlophone) #2
KINKS-Dedicated Follower Of Fashion/ Sitting On My Sofa (Pye) #4
LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN-How Can You Tell/ How Do They Know (Planet)
THE MARK FOUR-Work All Day/ Goin’ Down Fast (Fontana)
TONY RIVERS AND THE CASTAWAYS-Girl Don’t Tell Me/ Girl From Salt Lake City (Immediate)
ROLLING STONES-19th Nervous Breakdown/ As Tears Go By (Decca) #2
THE TREKKAS-Please Go/ I Put A Spell On You (Planet)
THE TRIBE-The Gamma Goochie/ I’m Leaving (Planet)
THE TROGGS-Lost Girl/ The Yella In Me (CBS)

THE WHEELS-Bad Little Woman/ Roadblock (Columbia)
YARDBIRDS-Shapes Of Things/ You’re A Better Man Than I (Columbia) #3






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