THE CALIFORNIANS-Sunday Will Never Be The Same/ Can’t
Get You Out Of My Mind (Decca)
CHERRY SMASH-Sing Songs Of Love/ Movie Star (Track)
CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND-Requiem/ What’s It To You? (Decca)
PETER COOK/DUDLEY MOORE-Bedazzled/ Love Me (Decca)
CROCHETED DOUGHNUT RING-Havana Anna/ Happy Castle (Deram)
SPENCER DAVIS GROUP-Mr Second Class/ Sanity Inspector (UA) #35
EASYBEATS-The Music Goes Round My Head/ Come In, You’ll Get Pneumonia (UA)
FINDERS KEEPERS-Friday Kind Of Monday/ On The Beach (Fontana)
THE HERD-Paradise Lost/ Come On Believe Me (Fontana) #15
THE HUMAN INSTINCT-A Day In My Mind’s Mind/ Death Of The Seaside (Deram)
THE MICKEY FINN-Garden Of My Mind/ Time To Start Loving You (Direction)
PAPER BLITZ TISSUE-Boy Meets Girl/ Grey Man (RCA)
PREGNANT INSOMNIA-Wallpaper/ You Intrigue Me (Direction)
SMALL FACES-Tin Soldier/ I Feel Much Better (Immediate) #9
THE SPECTRUM-Headin’ For A Heatwave/ I Wanna Be happy With You (RCA)
STATE OF MICKEY AND TOMMY-Frisco Bay/ Nobody Knows Where You've Been (Mercury)
CAT STEVENS-Kitty/ Ceylon (Deram) #47
STUDIO SIX-Strawberry Window/ Falling Leaves (Polydor)
SYMBOLS-(The Best Part Of) Breaking Up/ Again (President) #25
TINKERBELL’S FAIRY DUST-Lazy Day/ In My Magic Garden (Decca)
TINTERN ABBEY-Vacuum Cleaner/ Beeside (Deram)
TRAFFIC-Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush/ Coloured Rain (Island) #8

Paper Blitz Tissue - Boy Meets Girl



THE BEATLES-Magical Mystery Tour (Parlophone) #2



ART-Supernatural Fairy Tales (Island)
PICCADILLY LINE—The Huge World Of Emily Small (CBS)
JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE—Axis: Bold As Love (Track) #5
THE HERD—Paradise Lost (Fontana) #38
ROLLING STONES—Their Satanic Majesties Request (Decca) #3
CAT STEVENS—New Masters (Deram)
TRAFFIC—Mr Fantasy (Island) #8
THE TROGGS—Cellophane (Page One)















DotCrocheted Doughnut Ring

Havana Anna : Opens with the sound of waves breaking on the sea-shore, then slips into a captivating Caribbean rhythm. Like most calypso flavoured songs, it's very repetitive, but the excellent treatment prevents it from becoming monotonous. The vocal blend is delightful, the throbbing beat sets your toes tapping uncontrollably and the dubbed-in effects create a genuine tropical atmosphere. It has a warm away-from-it-all feel.

DotHuman Instinct

A Day In My Mind's Mind : A scintillating disc with a storming beat and reverberating twangs, plus embellishments from harp and flute. Delicious harmonies from the Human Instinct. The lyric is not so nearly complex or abstract as the title suggests. It's a happy sounding record, brilliantly produced by Mike Hurst.

DotPaper Blitz Tissue

Boy Meets Girl: You may have seen the group perform this Ron Grainer in BBC-1's "Wednesday Play" this week. A biting reverberating sound with vocal on deep echo. A competent beat group disc.

DotSmall Faces

Tin Soldier: A complete breakaway from "Itchycoo Park". This reverts to the earthy, raucous sound and energetic beat that have typified most of the Small Faces earlier hits. Don't be misled by the title - it's not a protest song. It refers to a boy's relationship with a girl, and is an analogy rather like "putty in your hands". Starts slowly, and builds remorselessly to a frenzied climax, with Steve Marriot blues-shouting till you think his lungs will burst. Has a tremendous sense of urgency and excitement.

DotSpencer Davis Group

Mr Second Class : I like this considerably better than "Time Seller"--it's not so complex or involved. In fact, it's a straight-forward and extremely commercial pop record. 

DotTinkerbells Fairydust

Lazy Day: A relaxed jog trotter with a descriptive lyric. Beautifully harmonised, but it's main appeal lies in the imaginatively scored pseudo-classical backing with fugal undertones.


Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush: Traffic prove their versatility with a cleverly written piece of music for the film, but like much film music it is rather incidental and indecisive. S Winwood Esq sings well and there are interesting passages of mellotron, flute and vibes. Parts of the theme are reminiscent of Donovan's "Mountain". Saleable, but not up to the hit standard of "Hole In My Shoe".

Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush: Another startling, punch-packed and absolutely fascinating disc from Traffic--full of light and shade, contrasting tempos and intriguing sounds. For the most part it's busy, urgent and infectiously beaty--but there are constant breaks in the rhythm, when all manner of absorbing things happen. The organ is gutty and fruity, and on one occasion gives out like a ship's siren. The whole record swings along with an uninhibited eagerness, and works up to walloping fever pitch--apart, of course, from those sudden breaks. In fact, on first hearing, you're never quite sure what's going to happen next. The vocal is spirited and alive, and the whole thing has an irresistible carousel flavour. As the title song from a film, it must be big.





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