A few recommended comps for newcomers to start with, if you can find them...


A FOREST OF GOLD TOPS (In The Land Of Oz- 26 Tabs From The Semiconscious Sixties)

(Gift GCD 1001  1997)


James Taylor Move- Still I Can Go On Wright Of Waye- Sun God
The Bucket- I Can't Help Thinking Of You Wright Of Waye- Dollar Song
Wright Of Waye- You Can't Do It Alone Puppy- Belinda
Wright Of Waye- Penelope Play Puppy- Elizabeth St. Bridge
Inside Looking Out- Morning Sun James Taylor Move- And I Heard The Fire Sing
The Proclamation- King Of The Mountain Vegetable Garden- Even Stevens
Chris Malcolm- Hurt, Love and Fire Peter Best- Carousel Of Love
Pastoral Symphony- Sunshine Is My Sorrow Oak Apple Day + The Deadly Pair- Moon Shot
Clapham Junction- Emily On A Sunday The Proclamation- Tea & Sympathy (Don't You Worry)
The Imagination- We Got Fun Mike Furber- Watch Me Burn
Playboys- Black Sheep RIP Peter Tilbrook- All Mine To Play With
Playboys- Sad Bobby and Laurie- Every Second Day
Inside Looking Out- Long Live Sivinanda Long Grass- Sunshine To Burn



DATURA DREAMTIME (Further Psychotropic Experimentation In The Forest Of Goldtops)

(Boobsalot label 1999 No serial number)


Twilights- Devendra

The Limit- Happy Life
Muszak- Writing Letters To Nowhere Plaster Scene- Love
Glass Web- Two Faced Woman Travis Wellington Hedge- Hey Bulldog
Inside Looking Out- H.M.S Buffalo Twilights- Blue Roundabout
Vyt and The World- Dapper Dan John Vincent & The In-Sect- Madge's Charity Badges
Mike Furber- I'm On Fire Doug Ashdown- Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
The Chocolate- I'm An Animal Zoot- Three Jolly Little Dwarfs
Twilights- Take Action Australian Playboys- Black Sheep RIP (Demo version)
Peter Wright- House Of Bamboo Dave Miller Set- Why? Why? Why?
Glass Web- In A Year Or So Oak Apple Day- Oceans Of Fire
Jeff St John and The Id- Eastern Dream Allison Gros- Naturally
Vegetable Garden- Hypnotic Suggestion The Atlantics- Light Shades Of Dark (Part 2)
The Jet Set- Now I Love You  



(Big Beat CDWIKD 215  2002)


Valentines- Peculiar Hole In The Sky The Proclamation- King Of The Mountain
The Iguana- Imagine This Jon- Upstairs, Downstairs
The James Taylor Move- Still I Can Go On The Wild Cherries- Krome Plated Yabby
The Bucket- I Can't Help Thinking Of You The James Taylor Move- Magic Eyes
Normie Rowe- Going Home Lloyd's World- Brass Bird
Peter Wright- House Of Bamboo R Black and The Rockin' V's- Walking and Talking
1863 Establishment- Gained For A Fall Dave Miller Set- Mr Guy Fawkes
Clapham Junction- Emily On Sunday 1863 Establishment- Picture Of a Girl
King Fox- Unforgotten Dreams The Escorts- Sitting By a Tree
Inside Looking Out- Long Live Sivinanda Inside Looking Out- Morning Sun
Hugo- Girl In The Garden The Cam-Pact- Drawing Room
The Executives- Moving In A Circle Hugo- Hey! Watch Out
Jeff St John and The Id- Eastern Dream Marty Rhone- Tell Me Love
The Cam-Pact- Zoom Zoom Zoom  


UGLY THINGS- THE CD (Compilation from 4 vinyl LPs)

(Raven RVCD 26  1992)


The Missing Links- You're Driving Me Insane The Pleazers- Hurtin' All Over
The Atlantics- Come On The Henchmen- That's All I Want
Machine Gun Kelly's Rejects- I'm Going Back The Four Strangers- Sad and Lonely
The Creatures- Ugly Thing The La De Da's- How Is The Air Up There?
Steve and The Board- Now I'm Older The Sunsets- I Want Love
The Elois- By My Side The Bluestars- Social End Product
The Others- Look Through My Window The D-Coys- Bad Times
Chants R & B- I'm Your Witchdoctor Derek's Accent- Ain't Got No Feelin'
The Pink Finks- Louie Louie The Blue Beats- She's Coming Home
The Purple Hearts- Just a Little Bit The Vince Maloney Sect- No Good Without You
The Movement- I Wanna Be Free Ray Columbus and The Art Collection- Kick Me
The Modes- Baby Please Don't Go The Lost Souls- This Life Of Mine
The Masters Apprentices- Poor Boy The Black Diamonds- I Want, Need, Love You