ALMOND LETTUCE-Magic Circle/ 20 Weary Miles (Philips)
MIKE BATT-Your Mother Should Know/ Suddenly (Liberty)
THE BEATLES-Get Back/ Don’t Let Me Down (Apple) #1
BLOSSOM TOES-Peace Loving Man/ Up Above My Hobby-Horse’s Head (Marmalade)
JIMMY CAMPBELL-On a Monday/ Dear Marge (Fontana)
THE CASUALS-Fool’s Paradise/ 7x7 (Decca)
CAT’S EYES-Where Is She Now?/ Tom Drum (Deram)
THE EXPLOSIVE-Cities Make The Country Colder/ Step Out Of Line (President)
FACTOTUMS-Mr And Mrs Regards/ Driftwood (CBS)
FLEETWOOD MAC-Man Of The World/ Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight (Immediate) #2
FLYING MACHINE-Smile A Little Smile/ Maybe We’re Loving Too Long (Pye)
FRUIT MACHINE-I’m Alone Today/ Sunshine Of Your Love (Spark)
GLASS MENAGERIE-Have You Forgotten Who You Are/ Do You Ever Think? (Polydor)
THE GLOBE SHOW-Yes Or No/ Getting’ On Back (Page One)
JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE-Crosstown Traffic/ Gypsy Eyes (Track) #37
THE HIGH-Long Live the High/ Beggar Man Dan (CBS)
HOMER’S KNODS-All She said Was Goodbye/ Mr Rainbow (Pye)
IPSISSIMUS-Hold On/ Lazy Woman (Parlophone)
KATE-Shout It/ Sweet Little Thing (CBS)
LACE-I’m A Gambler/ Go Away (Page One)
LEVIATHAN-Remember The Times/ Second Production (Elektra)
LEVIATHAN-The War Machine/ Time (Elektra)
MANFRED MANN-Ragamuffin Man/ A ‘B’ Side (Fontana) #8
MONTANAS-Ciao Baby/ Someday (You’ll Be Breaking My Heart Again) (Pye)
MOODY BLUES-Never Comes The Day/ So Deep Within You (Deram)
THE NOW-Marcia/ Hands On My Clock Stand Still (Nems)
STATUS QUO-Are You Growing Tired Of My Love/ So Ends Another Life (Pye) #46
TONY AND TANDY (& FLEUR-DE-LYS)-Two Can Make It Together/ The Bitter And The Sweet (Atlantic)
TOYSHOP-Say Goodbye To Yesterday/ Send My Love To Lucy (Polydor)
VAMP-Green Pea/ Wake Up And Tell Me (Atlantic Unissued)



AMBROSE SLADE-Beginnings (Fontana)
BRIAN AUGER AND THE TRINITY-Definitely What! (Marmalade)
JIMMY CAMPBELL-Son Of Anastasia (Fontana)
CARTOONE-Cartoone (Atlantic)
THE CASUALS-Hour World (Decca)
EIRE APPARENT-Sun Rise (Buddah)
GRAPEFRUIT-Around Grapefruit (Stateside)
KALEIDOSCOPE-Faintly Blowing (Fontana)
MOODY BLUES-On The Threshold Of A Dream (Deram) #1
BARRY RYAN-Sings Paul Ryan (MGM)
WORLD OF OZ-World of Oz (Deram)







DotBlossom Toes

Peace Loving Man: Ah ha--the romantic mysteries of the East! A sitar wails plaintively in the introduction followed by freaking out of unparalleled proportions, filled with whisperings and growling, rather like Captain Beefheart meets the Mayor of Arkville. It does go on a bit.

DotFruit Machine

I'm Alone Today: They hail from Music City, Britain, or Twickenham as it is known. They sing "la la la la" several times, and the guitarist plays his guitar, a bit out of tune, but with much enthusiasm.


Remember The Times : Once known as the Span, this revamped group presents us with two singles as examples of their work. This is most readily commercial of four sides. Although I committed myself to dismissing it as a total flop on my TV Spectacular due for screening in Oct on BBC2 ("Bring that screening date nearer!" yells Wendy Potts), after several plays, I now realise the error of my ways and suggest it could well lurch chart high.

DotBarry Ryan

Sings Paul Ryan (LP) : Brother Paul has written some fine songs in the pure pop idiom for Barry to feature on his first solo album. This is orchestral pop of the type also favoured by The Bee Gees and Scott Walker, which generally has more feminine than masculine appeal.

DotStatus Quo

Are You Growing Tired Of My Love: If I had heard this disc without first seeing the label, I would have never suspected it was Status Quo. It's a complete change of style for this group, and is totally removed from the distinctive sound it created in "Matchstick Men" All the same, it's an excellent record - in my opinion, the best that Quo has ever made. Opens quietly, with the air of moodiness heightened by clanking pianos and deep throated cellos. Then it breaks into the melodic chorus - a beautiful melody that's still in my ears. The stringy backing is imaginative, the boys harmonies are colourful, and the beat is solid enough for dancing - particularly when it intensifies in the latter stages. Very good indeed - with, I thought, a hint of the Bee Gees about it.



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