BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST-Early Morning/ Mr Sunshine (Parlophone)
THE BARRIER-Georgie Brown/ Dawn Breaks Through (Eyemark)
DAVE BERRY-(Do I Figure) In Your Life/ Latisha (Decca)
CREATION-Midway Down/ The Girls Are Naked (Polydor)
CUPPA T-Streatham Hippodrome/ One Man Band (Deram)
ZION DE GALLIER-Winter Will Be Cold/ Me (Parlophone)
JULIE DRISCOLL AND BRIAN AUGER TRINITY-This Wheel’s On Fire/ A Kind Of Love-In (Marmalade) #5
ELASTIC BAND-Think Of You Baby/ It’s Been A Long Time Baby (Decca)
CHRIS FARLOWE-The Last Goodbye/ Paperman Fly In The Sky (Immediate)
FLOWERPOT MEN-A Man Without A Woman/ You Can Never Be Wrong (Deram)
STEVE FLYNN-Your Life And My Life/ Come Tomorrow (Parlophone)
FOX-Hey Mr Carpenter/ Seek And You Find (CBS)
FUZZ FACE-Mighty Quinn/ Voices In The Sky (Page One)
GLASS MENAGERIE-She’s A Rainbow/ But That’s When I Start To Love (Pye)
GRAPEFRUIT-Yes/ Elevator (RCA)
THE HERD-I Don’t Want Our Loving To Die/ Our Fairy Tale (Fontana) #5
JASON CREST-Juliano The Bull/ Two By The Sea (Philips)
THE KINKS-Wonder Boy/ Polly (Pye) #36
MARMALADE-Lovin’ Things/ Hey Joe (CBS) #6
THE MEDIUM-Colours Of The Rainbow/ Edward Never Lies (CBS)
MY DEAR WATSON-Elusive Face/ The Shame Just Drained (Parlophone)
ORANGE SEAWEED-Stay Awhile/ Pictures In The Sky (Pye)
PINK FLOYD-It Would Be So Nice/ Julia Dream (Columbia)
TONY RIVERS AND THE CASTAWAYS-I Can Guarantee Your Love/ Pantomime (Polydor)
SCRUGG-Everyone Can See/ I Wish I Was Five (Pye)
SIGHT AND SOUND-Ebenezer/ Our Love (Is In The Pocket) (Fontana)
SIMON’S SECRETS-Naughty Boy/ Sympathy (CBS)
SMALL FACES-Lazy Sunday/ Rollin’ Over (Immediate) #2
TANGERINE PEEL-Solid Gold Mountain/ Light Across The River (CBS)
TASTE-Blister On The Moon/ Born On The Wrong Side Of Time (Major Minor)
THE TROGGS-Surprise Surprise/ Marbles And Some Gum (Page One)
THE TRUTH-Sueno/ Old ma Brown (Decca)
TYRANNOSAURUS REX-Deborah/ Child Star (Regal Zonophone) #34
MARK WIRTZ-Knickerbocker Glory/ Mrs Raven (Parlophone)
ZOMBIES-Time Of The Season/ I’ll Call Your Name (CBS)


INCREDIBLE STRING BAND-The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter (Elektra) #5
PLASTIC PENNY-Two Sides Of A Penny (Page One)
ZOMBIES-Odessey And Oracle (CBS)














Georgie Brown: Curiouser and curiouser. More mirth and merry making, but not, we gather, at the expense of our ex-Foreign Secretary, but about folks like me, having difficulty getting up in the morning and going to work etc. Perhaps, in some subtle way, it is a suggestion that even politicians are human--or perhaps in some subtle way, it is nothing of the kind, merely a bright, cheerful ditty that could conceivably earn a seat in the chart. 

DotCuppa T

Streatham Hippodrome: A sort of New Vaudeville cheerfulness permeates this tribute to an ice cream girl who is the object of their affection. She walks down the aisle and the Cuppa T spill over with enthusiasm at the sexy way she sells Tutti-Frutti. Well, it's original and could make a reasonable impact.


Yes : To be honest I never really understood why 'Dear Delilah' was a hit. But that's in the past, and certainly on the strength of the fans they picked up during that record and considering this is far more commercial. 'Yes' should take them straight into the charts without a worry. In a funny way this reminded me of The Beatles and The Crystals - work that one out. A very, very solid record. I'm not sure if this wasn't the Grapefruit whether I'd give it a big review - on second thoughts, when that piano comes rolling in - yes, I would have done anyway.


Wonder Boy: Before moving into the realms of heated discussion, let us establish one fact--this must be a hit. Jolly jangling piano, la-la vocal backing, and what is described in some circles as a "jog-along" tune will easily capture the national lughole. The lyrical content is a bit harder. More obscure than the usual Davies words, Ray seems to be offering advice to a newborn boy about the life that lies ahead. He sings as if he was recently stunned by a heavy blow from a blunt instrument, and one can almost imagine his head wobbling and his eyes rolling. A most curious, but not unattractive effect. Ray, the Boy Wonder once more smites evil from the chart, and looks set to powee and zonk to the top.

DotSight And Sound

Ebenezer: Pretty guitar leads into a piece of overpowering good-time high spirits, but while everybody has a ball, including the clarinet and skulls player, the average record buyer may well stifle yawns on hearing their jollity. Unfair, but that's the way the single crumbles.

DotTyrannosaurus Rex

Deborah: Marc Bolan has been around for some time, recording infrequently, but always producing interesting sounds. This has all the simplicity of production and sound that gave the early Buddy Holly records their appeal--just a 12-string and bongo backing driving along Marc's peculiar and highly distinctive voice. It is the voice of a small gnome or Hobbitt, and one can imagine Marc dancing about on a toadstool. It's not too way out, even for those who don't like Top Gear, and the combination of Marc's intriguing vocal style and the odd tune should help Tyrannosaurus into the chart.

DotThe Zombies

Odessey & Oracle (album): It's rather tragic that The Zombies are splitting. But what a momentous last album they are leaving behind-quite the most outstanding record of the month for creativity, originality, sensitivity and sheer dimension. "Rose For Emily", a song that is related by implication to "Eleanor Rigby" or "Lady Jane", and has the same texture, is so tender, so sweet, that it should have been issued as a farewell single. All the songs were written by Rod Argent and Chris White; and they're a long way from "She's Not There", the song that shot The Zombies to the top of the international charts years ago. Their writing is now poetic and observant, sad and wistful. And if you like music with meaningful lyrics, it's joyful. Hear The Zombies-they're so good!

Time of The Season: The very last single from The Zombies before this talented group disbands. And this disc makes us realise just what we're going to miss, because it's a very good farewell offering. Pity is that it isn't the sort of thing one can confidently tip for the charts but the discerning listener will enjoy it immensely.



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