APOSTOLIC INTERVENTION-(Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me/ Madame Garcia (Immediate)
ARTWOODS-What Shall I Do/ In The Deep End (Parlophone)
BEE GEES-New York Mining Disaster 1941/ I Can’t See Nobody (Polydor) #12
DAVID BOWIE-Laughing Gnome/ The Gospel According To Tony Day (Deram)
THE CYMBALINE-Peanuts And Chewy Macs/ Found My Girl (Mercury)
CHRIS FARLOWE-Yesterday’s Papers/ Life Is But Nothing (Immediate)
FORCE WEST-All The Children Sleep/ Desolation (Columbia)
THE HERD-I Can Fly/ Diary Of A Narcissist (Fontana)
BILLY J KRAMER-Town Of Tuxley Toymaker/ Chinese Girl (Reaction)
DENNY LAINE-Say You Don’t Mind/ Ask The People (Deram)
THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS-Let's Live For Today/ I'm Real (Philips)
THE LOMAX ALLIANCE-Try As You May/ See The People (CBS)
THE OUTER LIMITS-Just One More Chance/ Help Me Please (Deram)
PRETTY THINGS-Children/ My Time (Fontana)
PANDEMONIUM-No Presents For Me/ The Sun Shines From His Eyes (CBS)
THE PUDDING-Magic Bus/ It’s Too Late (Decca)
PURPLE GANG-Granny Takes A Trip/ Bootleg Whiskey (Big T)
THE QUIK-Love Is a Beautiful Thing/ Bert’s Apple Crumble (Deram)
TERRY REID AND THE JAYWALKERS-The Hand Don’t Fit The Glove/ This Time (Columbia)
THE ROKES-Let's Live For Today (RCA)
ROULETTES-Rhyme Boy Rhyme/ Airport People (Fontana)
THE SEARCHERS-Western Union/ I’ll Cry Tomorrow (Pye)
SHOTGUN EXPRESS-Funny ‘Cos Neither Could I/ Indian Thing (Columbia)
THE SPECTRUM-Samantha’s Mine/ Saturday’s Child (RCA)
TIMEBOX-Soul Sauce/ I Wish I Could jerk Like My Uncle Cyril (Piccadilly)
TWICE AS MUCH-Crystal Ball/ Why Don’t They All Go And leave Me Alone (Immediate)
WARM SOUNDS-The Birds And Bees/ Doo Dah (Deram)
THE WHO-Pictures Of Lily/ Doctor Doctor (Track) #4
YARDBIRDS-Little Games/ Puzzles (Columbia)



Manfred Mann on Dee Time





DotApostolic Intervention

HAVE YOU EVER SEEN ME? : One of the first Steve Marriott-Plonk Lane compositions and production arising from their deal with Immediate.This is a big, deep, very Small Faces-like number and sound, but it's a little aggressive and imposing for the current pop market. As ever with Faces records you feel there are great bits and then again, it could all have been so much better.

DotThe Bee Gees

New York Mining Disaster 1941 : The Aussie Bee Gees group are now in Britain - and very talented they are too. A story in song ballad thats folksy in some respects, and a bit like the Beatles in other ways. Fascinating harmonies, underlined by cello, and a lyric that keeps you glued to the speaker. I found it wholly gripping - congrats to the boys.

DotDavid Bowie

Laughing Gnome : A novelty number chock full of appeal! This boy sounds remarkably like Tony Newley, and he wrote this song himself. An amusing lyric, with David Bowie interchanging lines with a chipmunk like creature.

DotThe Cymbaline

Peanuts And Chewy Macs: Harmless, inoffensive, finger-snapping and enjoyable--that just about sums up this Cymbaline self-penned item. The lyric's about a street vendor, and the catchy chorus is his cry and sales jargon.

DotForce West

All The Children Sleep: A raucous, vibrant, enveloping sound, with shuffle beat. The absorbing lyric is attractively harmonised...what you can here of it!

DotThe Herd

I Can Fly : Not surprisingly there is a Dave Dee feel to the number, and Steve Rowland's production leaves me cold as usual-which is a shame because this type of harmonious, atmospheric number-which relies mainly on effect-needs clever production. Without wishing to be a downer we can only say-if you're going to freak, please do it properly. Believe it or not, there is good and bad 'psychedelic' music.

DotBilly J Kramer

Town of Tuxley Toymaker : Billy's voice doesn't come over completely, but the number has a lot of appeal and certainly might hit with its cute fantasy line, and child-like philosophy. Not bad.

DotDenny Laine

Say You Don't Mind : Denny has a very distinctive, expressive sound and it's a pleasant, lilting record, nicely produced by Denny Cordell. Not an instantly commercial song but the blue, mournful feel incorporates enough charm to make its way into the 30.

DotOuter Limits

Just One More Chance: Shimmering organ-flecked sound blends with pounding beat and appealing vocal. Good tune too. Maintains the high Deram standard.


No Presents For Me: Exudes a suitably raucous, strident sound. The pounding is a little overbearing, but good for dancing.

DotThe Pudding

The Magic Bus: You'll like this! A Pete Townsend item, it's got a wonderfully bouncy beat, fascinating tympani-bongoes-guitar-brass backing, and a cute lyric that'a a whole heap of fun. The tune's catchy, too.

Dot The Purple Gang

Granny Takes A Trip: Prohibition-style Chicago raver with this new well-spatted double breasted Birmingham group. It's a very charming little ditty with nice bluesy harmonica, some of the most appealing comb and paper on record, and a good lyric about Granny taking a trip once a year to the movie auditions in Hollywood. But she never makes it. Good record, nicely produced and it swings along in a vaudeville good-time way. Possibly a hit?

DotThe Spectrum

Samantha's Mine: A real swinger of a disc--soloed, with intriguing falsetto harmonies. Plus organ, clavioline and maraccas. Well worth hearing--give it a spin!

Warm Sounds

Birds and Bees: Produced by Mike Hurst (who is responsible for Cat Stevens discs), this is a brilliantly styled disc, both vocally and arrangement-wise. The boys harmonise superbly, and indulge in a little scat singing. There's a mid-tempo beat, tinged with classical influences - with cellos prominent. Nice song, too - only trouble is, it might be a shade too obscure for the average fan.

DotThe Who

Pictures Of Lily: The storyline of this very unusual number happily isn't as sordid as one might think from the synopsis! It's a job to get your teeth into the melody at the outset, but the frequently repeated chorus has a quick-to-register tune that you'll all be whistling before long. It's extremely well harmonised, employing falsettos and counterpoint with discretion and subtlety. Add to this The Who's inevitable rumbling, reverberating beat and you've got a disc that's intriguing to say the least. A certain hit!


Little Games: Gee whiz, what a shattering beat from the Yardbirds! A heavy handed walloping drive all the way - and this, coupled with the raucous twanging and sitar effect, creates a completely insidious and nagging wall of sound. Psychedelic it may well be, but not of a distasteful nature. The lyric is simple, but absorbing and topical, and the melody is little more than a riff phrase repeated over and over.



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