ADAM, MIKE AND TIM-A Most Peculiar Man/ Wedding Day (Columbia)
DAVE ANTHONY’S MOODS-New Directions/ Give it A Chance (Parlophone)
BO STREET RUNNERS-Drive My Car/ So Very Woman (Columbia)
DAVID BOWIE-Do Anything You Say/ Good Morning Girl (Pye)
BOZ-Meeting Time/ No (Ah) Body Knows The Blues (Columbia)
THE BUZZ-You’re Holding Me Down/ I’ve Gotta Buzz (Columbia)
EPISODE SIX-I Hear Trumpets Blow/ True Love Is Funny (Pye)
THE IMAGE-I Can’t Stop Myself/ Let’s Make The Scene (Parlophone)
THE KNACK-Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind/ Red Hearts (Piccadilly)
THE KOOBAS-You’d Better Make Up Your Mind/ A Place I Know (Pye)
MANFRED MANN-Pretty Flamingo/ You’re Standing By (HMV) #1
THE MEDDY EVILS-It’s All For You/ Ma’s Place (Pye)
THE MERSEYS-Sorrow/ Some Other Day (Fontana) #4
MINDBENDERS-Can’t Live With You, Can’t Live Without You/ One Fine Day (Fontana) #28
PRETTY THINGS-Come See Me/ £sd (Fontana) #43
THE RIOT SQUAD-I Take It We’re Through/ Working Out (Pye)
THE SEARCHERS-Take It Or Leave It/ Don’t Hide It Away (Pye) #31
THE SORROWS-Let The Love Live/ Don’t Sing No Sad Songs For Me (Piccadilly)
THE TROGGS-Wild Thing/ From Home (Fontana) #2
THE TRUTH-I Go To Sleep/ Baby You’ve Got It (Pye)
THE VOICE-The Train To Disaster/ Truth (Mercury)
THE WIMPLE WINCH-What’s Been Done/ I Really Love You (Fontana)




ROLLING STONES-Aftermath (Decca) #1

Rolling Stones






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