Thunderclap Newman

Hollywood Dream (Track 2406 003)

Originally released in 1970

Hollywood 1 When I Think
The Reasons The Old Cornmill
Open The Door Homer I Don't Know
Look Around Hollywood Dream
Accidents Hollywood 2
Wild Country Something In The Air


Tomorrow Tomorrow

Tomorrow (Parlophone PCS 7042)

Originally released in 1968
Tracks released from album : My White Bicycle; Revolution & Three Jolly Little Dwarfs

My White Bicycle Auntie Mary's Dress Shop
Colonel Brown Strawberry Fields Forever
Real Life Permanent Dream Three Jolly Little Dwarfs
Shy Boy Now Your Time Has Come
Revolution Hallucinations
The Incredible Journey Of Timothy Chase  


Mr. Fantasy


Mr. Fantasy (Island ILPS 9061)

Originally released in 1967
Tracks released from album : Giving To You & No Face; Coloured Rain & No Name & No Number

Heaven Is In Your Mind Dealer
Berkshire Poppies Utterly Simple
House For Everyone Coloured Rain
No Face, No Name And No Number Hope I Never Find Me There
Dear Mr. Fantasy Giving To You



Traffic (Island UAS-6676)

Originally released in 1968
Tracks released from album : Feelin' Alright

You Can All Join In Vagabond Virgin
Pearly Queen Four Thousand Headmen
Don't be Sad Cryin' to be Heard
Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring No Time to Live
Feelin' Alright Means to an End



Trapeze (Threshold TH 2)

Originally released in 1970

It's Only A Dream It's My Life
The Giant's Dead Hoorah Am I
Over Suicide
Nancy Gray Wings
Fairytale Another Day
Verily Verily Send Me No More Letters
Fairytale It's Only A Dream



The Troggs

Cellophane (Page One POL 003)

Originally released in 1967
Tracks released from album : Love Is All Around & Will The Rain Come

Little Red Donkey It's Showing
Too Much of a Good Thing Her Emotions
Butterflies and Bees Will The Rain Come
All of the Time My Lady
Seventeen Come The Day
My Girl Is Waiting Love Is All Around


The Troggs

Mixed Bag (POPS 012)

Originally released in 1968
Tracks released from album : Little Girl; Maybe The Madman; Surprise, Surprise; You Can Cry If you Want To; There's Something About You; Hip Hip Hooray & Say Darlin'

Surprise, Surprise Hip Hip Hooray
You Can Cry If you Want To Little Girl
Say Darlin' Maybe The Madman
Marbles and some Gum Off The Record
Purple Shades We Waited For Someone
Heads or Tails There's Something About You



Think Pink (Polydor 2343 032)

Originally released in 1970

Coming Of The Other Side Mexican Grass War
Ten Thousand Words In A Cardboard Box Rock an' Roll The Joint
Dawn Of Magic Suicide
Tiptoe On The Highest Hill Three Little Piggies
Fluid Sparrow Is a Sign





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