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The Birthday Party

The Idle Race

The Birthday Party (Liberty LBS 83132)

Originally released in 1968
Tracks released from album : Skeleton & The Roundabout; Sitting In My Tree; Morning Sunshine; I Like My Toys & The Birthday

Skeleton And The Roundabout Sitting In My Tree
Happy Birthday On With The Show
The Birthday Lucky Man
I Like My Toys Mrs Ward
Morning Sunshine Pie In The Sky
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Idle Race

The Idle Race

Idle Race (Liberty LBS 83221)

Originally released in 1969
Tracks released from album : Come With Me & Reminds Me Of You

Come With Me Girl At The Window
Sea Of Dreams Big Chief Woolly Bosher /
Going Home Someone Knocking
Reminds Me Of You A Better Life (The Weatherman Knows)
Mr Crow And Sir Norman Hurry Up John
Please No More Sad Songs /  


5,000 Spirits Or The Layers Of The Onion

Incredible String Band

5,000 Spirits Of The Layers Of The Onion (Electra EUKS 7257)

Originally released in 1967
Track listing from album : Painting Box & No Sleep Blues

White No Sleep Blues Hedgehog's Song
Painting Box First Girl I Loved
Mad Hatter's Song You Know What You Could Be
Little Cloud My Name Is Death
Eyes Of Fate Gently Tender
Blues For The Muse Way Back In The 60s


Incredible String Band

Hangman's Beautiful Daughter (Elektra EUKS 7258)

Originally released in 1968

Koeeoaddi There Waltz Of The New Moon
The Minotaur's Song The Water Song
Witches Hat Three Is A Green Crown
A Very Cellular Song Swift As The Wind
Mercy I Cry City Nightfall


Maybe Tomorrow

The Iveys

Maybe Tomorrow (Apple SAP COR 8)

Originally released in 1968 (Europe & Japan only)
Track listing from album : Maybe Tomorrow & Dear Angie

See-Saw Granpa Maybe Tomorrow
Beautiful and Blue Sali Bloo
Dear Angie Angelique
Think About the Good Times I'm In Love
Yesterday Ain't Coming Back They're Knocking Down Our Home
Fisherman I've Been Waiting


July July

July (Major Minor SMLP 29)

Originally released in 1968
Tracks released from album : My Clown; Dandelion Seeds and The Way

My Clown To Be Free
Dandelion Seeds Move On Sweet Flower
Jolly Mary Crying Is For Writers
Hallo To Me I See
You missed It All Friendly Man
The Way A Bird Lived


Juniors Eyes

Juniors Eyes

Battersea Power Station (Regal Zonophone SLRZ 1008)

Originally released in 1969
Tracks released from album : Circus Days

Total War Freak In
Circus Days Playtime
Imagination I'm Drowning
My Ship White Light
Miss Lizzie By The Tree
So Embarrassed  





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