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Music In A Dolls House


Music In A Doll's House (Reprise RSLP 6312)

Originally released in 1968
Tracks released from album : Me My Friend & Hey Mr. Policeman

The Chase Hey Mr. Policeman
Mellowing Grey See Through Windows
Never Like This Variation On A Theme Of Me My Friend
Me My Friend Peace Of Mind
Variation On A Theme Of Hey Mr. Policeman Voyage
Winter The Breeze
Old Songs New Songs 3 x Time
Variation On A Theme Of The Breeze  



Family Entertainment (Reprise RSLP 6340)

Originally released in 1969

The Weaver's Answer From Past Archives
Observations From A Hill Dim
Hung Up Down Processions
Summer '67 Face In The Crowd
How-hi-the-li Emotions
Second Generation Woman  


The Magic Shoemaker


The Magic Shoemaker (Pye NSPL 18343)

Originally released in 1970
Tracks released from album : none

Children Of Immagination Like To Help You If I Can
Tell You A Story I Can See The Sky
Magic Shoes Shoemaker
Reason For Everything Happy Man Am I
Only A Dream Children Of Immagination
Flies Like A Bird  


The Five Day Week Straw People

Five Day Week Straw People

Five Day Week Straw People (Saga FID 2123)

Originally released in 1968
Tracks released from album : none

Five Day Week Straw People Feel Like Having A Party
I'm Going Out Tonight Sunday Morning
Gold Digger Does It Rain
Postman If You Were Around
Car Wash Dust Is In My Eyes


The Love Cycle

Forever Amber

The Love Cycle (Private) 99 copies only

Originally released in 1969
Track released from album : none

The Meeting On Top Of My Own Special Mountain
My Oh My Mary, The Painter
Sally Sunshine All The Colours Of My Book)
The Talking The Doubt
Bits Of Me, Bits Of My Life Going Away Again
For A Very Special Person The Sorrow
The Dreamer Flies Back A Chance To Be Free
Misunderstood The Scorn
Better Things Are Bound To Come I See You As You Used To Be
The Walk Home The Grief
On A Night In Winter Letters From Her
The Joy My Friend


For Fox Sake

The Fox

For Fox Sake (Fontana 6309 007)

Originally released in 1970
Tracks released from album : Second Hand Love & Butterfly

Second Hand Love Goodtime Music
Lovely Day Mr. Blank
As She Walks Away Man In The Fast Car
Glad I Could Birthday Card
Butterfly Madame Magical
Look In The Sky  



From Genesis To Revelation (Decca SKL 4990)

Originally released in 1969

Where The Sour Turns To Sweet In Hiding
In The Beginning One Day
Fireside Song Window
The Serpent In Limbo
Am I Very Wrong? Silent Sun
In The Wilderness A Place To Call My Own
The Conqueror  


Giles, Giles & Fripp

The Cheerful Insanity Of... (Deram SML 1022)

Originally released in 1968

The Saga Of Rodney Toady Suite No 1
One In A Million Little Children
Just George The Crukster
Thursday Morning How Do You Know
North Meadow The Sun Is Shining
Call Tomorrow Erudite Eyes
Newly-Weds Elephant Song
Digging My Lawn  


Sam Gopal

Escalator (Stable SLE 8001)

Originally released in 1969

Cold Embrace Escalator
The Dark Lord Angry Faces
The Sky Is Burning Midsummer Night's Dream
You're Alone Now Season Of The Witch
Grass Yesterlove
It's Only Love  


Around Grapefruit


Around Grapefruit

Originally released in 1969
Tracks released from album : Elevator; Yes; C'mon Marianne; Round Going Round; Dear Delilah; This Little Man; Ain't It Good; Theme For Twiggy; Someday

Another Game Round Going Round
Yesterday's Sunshine Dear Delilah
Elevator This Little Man
Yes Ain't It Good
C'mon Marianne Theme For Twiggy
Lullaby Someday




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