Aardvark Aardvark

Aardvark (Deram Nova SDN 17)

Originally released : 1970
Tracks released from album : none

Copper Sunset I Can't Stop
Very Nice of You to Call Outing
Many Things To Do Once Upon A Hill
Greencap Put That in Your Pipe


Beginnings Ambrose Slade

Beginnings (Fontana, STL 5492)

Originally released : 1969
Tracks released from album : Genesis

Genesis Mad Dog Cole
Everybody's Next One Fly Me High
Knocking Nails Into My House If this World Were Mine
Roach Daddy Martha My Dear
Ain't Got No Heart Born To Be Wild
Pity The Mother Journey To The Centre Of Your Mind


Andromeda Andromeda

Andromeda (RCA SF 8031)

Originally released in 1969
Tracks released from album : none

Too Old Return To Sanity: a) Breakdown b) Hope c) Conclusion
Day Of The Change The Reason
And Now The Sun Shines I Can Stop The Sun
Gold And Silver Turns To Dust: a) Discovery b) Sanctuary c) Determination When To Stop: a) Traveller b) Turning Point c) Journey’s End


Love & Poetry

Andwella's Dream

Love & Poetry (CBS 63673)

Originally released in 1968
Tracks released from album : Sunday; Midday Sun; Felix and Shades Of Grey

The Days Grew Longer For Love High On A Mountain
Sunday Andwella
Lost A Number - Found A King Midday Sun
Man Without A Name Take My Road
Clockwork Man Felix
Cocaine Goodbye
Shades Of Grey  


An Apple A Day


An Apple A Day (Page One POLS 016)

Originally released in 1969
Tracks released from album : Let's Take A Trip Down The Rhine; Buffalo Billycan; Doctor Rock & The Otherside

Let's Take A Trip Down The Rhine Rock Me Baby
Doctor Rock Buffalo Billycan
The Otherside Photograph
Mr. Jones Psycho Daises
The Mayville Line Sporting Life
Queen Of Hearts Blues Pretty Girl I Love You



Argent (Epic EPC 63781)

Originally released in 1970

Like Honey Lonely Hard Road
Liar The Feeling's Inside
Be Free Freefall
Schoolgirl Stepping Stone
Dance In The Smoke Bring You Joy



Supernatural Fairytale (Island ILP 967)

Originally released in 1967
Tracks released from album : For What It's Worth; Rome Take Away Three & Flying Anchors

I Think I'm Going Weird Love Is Real
For What It's Worth Come On Up
African Thing Brothers, Dads & Mothers
Room With A View Talkin' To Myself
Flying Anchors Alive Not Dead
Supernatural Fairytale Rome Take Away Three


Arzachel Arzachel

Arzachel (Evolution LDVS 17218)

Originally released in 1969
Tracks released from album : none

Garden of Earthly Delights Leg
Azathoth Clean Innocent Fun
Queen St. Gang Metempsychosis



Audience (Polydor 583 065)

Originally released in 1969

Banquet Too Late I'm Gone
Poet Maidens Cry
Waverley Stage Coach Pleasant Convalescence
River Boat Queen Leave It Unsaid
Harlequin Man On The Box
Heaven Was An Island House On The Hill



Kevin Ayers

Joy Of A Toy (Harvest SHVL 763)

Originally released in 1969

Joy Of a Toy Continued Stop This Train (Again Doing It)
Town Feeling Eleanor's Cake (Which Ate Her)
The Clarietta Rag The Lady Rachel
Girl On a Swing Oleh Oleh Bandu Bandong
Song For Insane Times All This Crazy Gift Of Time





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