1--Favourite track - I See You
2--Favourite album - SF Sorrow
3--Best thing about - How they changed their style on every album.
4--Worst thing about - They kept making albums into the 80s.
5--Any other comment - They made the first rock opera, and deserve more credit than most English bands of the 60s get.

Goran Obradovic

Though mostly regarded for their punky r'n'b beginnings, with their second album they kinda defined what was to become "freakbeat", which again, might be considered one of the founding stones of the Britsike, so deservedly so, they end up on the top of the list.

Iain Taylor

Favourite track = SF Sorrow Is Born
Favourite album = Parachute

Sir Gregory Weatherby

1--Favourite track
"Defecting Grey"'s just one of those songs that hit me really hard when it came out. Hearing this song on Radio Luxembourg was a revelation.All the different bits going on, it sounded so radically different than anything else at the time. It may not have held up
'quite' as well over the years as some of their other tracks, but I will stick with this one. Made a huge impression on me at the time

2--Favourite album
Easy peasy.....after having bought "Emotions" by the Pretties, I was ready to completely give up on them. I hated that album at the time. All
those bloody extra instruments. I still don't even care for the stripped down version that I have on CD. So......SF Sorrow was a huge huge huge comeback for them. A giant leap forward from the r' n' b' sounds of their earlier records. And it's still my favourite Pretties album.So....SF Sorrow it is.

3--Best thing about...
Hard to pinpoint one thing about them that makes them so cool, but I will say Dick Taylor on guitar. He just oozes 'real thing'. Love his
guitar work. I saw them when they played San Francisco several years back, and it was just so cool seeing Granddad up on stage!

4--Worst thing about...
"Emotions"....can't find anything to like about that album.

5--Any other comment.
It's definitely worth tracking down a copy of the DVD of  "What's Good For The Goose" to see the Pretties during their peak period. The club
scenes are amazing.

Steve McGhee

Fave Track- "Blow Your Mind"

Fave Album - "S.F.Sorrow"

Best Thing- Dick Taylor's crazy hairstyle!

Worst Thing- they couldn't act (see that Norman Wisdom film)

Any other comment- some of the later stuff is a lot better than they get credit for

Michel Gignac

1--Favourite track - Trust
2--Favourite album - SF Sorrow
3--Best thing about... - One of the first rock opera

Tom Sunshine

Best song- Ballon burning
best album- SF Sorrow

best thing- they managed to make the first ever rock opera

worst thing- cant really think how to fault them!

other comments- didn't get hardly as much credit as they deserved for SF Sorrow

Gert Stuut

Favourite Track: Defecting Grey.

Favourite Albums: SF Sorrow / Parachute / DeBarge album

Best Thing About: All their recordings 1967-1970

Glyn Savage

Favourite track - Alexander / Defecting Grey
Favourite album - SF Sorrow

Best thing about - Everything

Worst thing about - No official DVD of surviving 60s footage

Any other comment - About time they got some credit