1--Favourite track - Astronomy Domine
2--Favourite album - Saucerful Of Secrets
3--Best thing about - They had the most interesting career, experimented with different and new gadgets, and never got boring.
4--Worst thing about - Rock radio overplay.  Dark Side, Wish You Were Here and Animals are great albums, but have been destroyed because the same rock stations only focus on those albums (and the Wall, but that album stinks).
5--Any other comment - Pink Floyd didn't lose their greatness when Syd left.  Anyone who thinks this is a moron and needs to listen to their other albums and stop being ignorant. 

Goran Obradovic

Their proggy post-Barrett continuation shouldn't be considered as a negative point, because it was only natural. Most of the Britsike artists might've ended the same way, if they had only managed to last so long.

Iain Taylor

Favourite track = Astronomy Domine
Favourite album = Relics
Best thing about = Their astonishing surround-sound system which I experienced at Newcastle City Hall circa 1970, when I thought an articulated lorry was trying to drive into the back of the hall
Worst thing about = they went AOR

Steve McGhee

Favourite track - "See Emily Play"

Favourite album - "Piper at Gates of Dawn"

Best thing Syd

Worst thing - everything, once Syd departed

Any other comment - made the worst LP in the history of LPs. (The W*ll)

Michel Gignac

1--Favourite track - Summer `68
2--Favourite album - Atom Heart Mother
3--Best thing about... - Very innovative band before 1973
4--Worst thing about... - They weren't innovative after 1972

Tom Sunshine

Best Song- Interstellar overdrive (Tonight let's all make love in London)

Best Album- piper

Best Thing- Imagination and Creativity, Syd, their early years, even DSOTM and WYWH are good albums.

Worst Things- Everything after WYWH, Waters took control too much and I think ruined the Floyd sound that they were famous for (what kind of album is the final cut??!)

Other Comments- Syd's Solo career, mainly Madcap laughs was incredible

Gert Stuut

Favourite Track: Vegetable Man.

Favourite Albums: The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn / Relics.

Best Thing About: Still making great albums without Syd.

Worst Thing: Making albums without Roger!

Glyn Savage

Favourite track - Astronomy Domine
Favourite album - Pipers

Best thing about - Syd

Worst thing about - Post Syd