1--Favourite track - Kilroy Was Here
2--Favourite album - The Move
3--Best thing about - How they stayed great and changed on each album.
4--Worst thing about - They never got acknowledged here in the USA.
5--Any other comment - The coolest looking band ever.

Goran Obradovic

I was wondering if I should vote for them, not because I had any doubts, but because I knew that they just MUST get enough from others to end up in the top 10. Now I see that my vote wasn't a waste, because it might've been the decisive one .....  I console myself thinking that most of the voters had similar thoughts, because otherwise, they should've been in the top 5!

Iain Taylor

Favourite track = Night Of Fear
Favourite album = The Move
Best thing about = The Harold Wilson postcards stunt

Steve McGhee

Favourite track - "Fields Of People"

Favourite Album - "Message From The Country"

Best thing - the song lyrics

Worst thing - the egofest between Wood & Lynne. Grow up, lads.

Any other comment - I've got all their records!!

Michel Gignac

1--Favourite track - Fields Of People
2--Favourite album - Yellow Rainbow (1968)
3--Best thing about... - members Wood and Lynne
4--Worst thing about... - California Girls (the singer doesn't hit the notes)

Sir Gregory Weatherby

1--Favourite track
"I Can Hear The Grass Grow".....I had just arrived in Germany in early 67, I turned on my radio, tuned in Radio Luxembourg and heard this
amazing song, I got myself down to the local 'schallplaten' department of a store in Trier Germany and bought this record ....the pic sleeve
one on the Hit-Ton sounded just so damn 'with it' at the seemed to be the type of record that either you got or
didn't, and if you did, you were part of the new 'in crowd' , you were 'in the know'..... I later even joined their fan club, I was so smitten
by this record (and "Flowers In The Rain" later that summer) I am going with the Move record that had such an influence on me, ICHTGG....I still think it is an amazing record and has stood the test of time, and I still occasionally see rainbows in the evening

2--Favourite album
This band's albums have no organic flow to them, one to the next, each is so very different from the rest......but, with some caveats, I will
go with "The Move", their first....this was the amazing 5 man line up and when Roy was at his songwriting peak, isn't without it's
faults, "Zing" is awful, but when it hits, with songs like "Kilroy", "Yellow Rainbow", "Lemon Tree", "Cherry Blossom Clinic" and "Useless
Information", it's amazing

3--Best thing about...
Roy Wood's amazing song writing, along with his under-rated guitar playing layered on top of the aggro approach the five man line-up took
to the songs. When they were on, and the BBC disc proves this, they were simply an amazing band.

4--Worst thing about...
Clearly Roy Wood's obsession with 50s American records and his need to copy that style....I could have done with a lot more of  "I Can Hear The Grass Grow" and a whole lot less of "Weekend"

5--Any other comment.
I only wish that the 5 man line-up could have stayed together a lot longer, put out a second album or even a third.

Gert Stuut

Favourite Track: Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited

Favourite Albums: Shazam / Message From The Country

Glyn Savage

Favourite track - Yellow Rainbow
Favourite album - S/T