1--Favourite track - Further Reflections In The Room Of Percussion
2--Favourite album - Tangerine Dream
3--Best thing about - The drumming.  Danny Bridgman's style is just so simple and catchy, you immediately love every song.
4--Worst thing about - How they're so obscure.  It's sad.  These guys should have been as big as The Move, at least.
5--Any other comment - Fairfield Parlour also deserves a lot of credit!

Goran Obradovic

Now this is one of those bands that really deserves the posthumous glorification. Their blend of Syd-like quirkiness, more conventional Bee Gees-like melodicism and Tony Hazzard-like commercialism, really WAS unique at the time, and thankfully enough, it is finally being widely recognized.

Iain Taylor

Favourite track = (Further Reflections) In The Room Of Percussion
Favourite album = Tangerine Dream

Steve McGhee

Favourite track - "Dive Into Yesterday"

Favourite album - "Tangerine Dream"

Best thing - every song was like a little story of its own

Worst thing - that so few appreciated them

Any other comment - the Fairfield Parlour material is pretty damned good too

Tom Sunshine

Best Song- (Further Reflections) In The Room Of Percussion

Best Album- Tangerine Dream

Best Thing- Peter's imagination, the sky Children deserves note, one of the nicest songs of the psych era, perfect ending to tangerine dream

worst Thing- how they didn't make it back in the 60', they were so much better than a lot of riff that got known!

Other Comments- Fairfield Parlour also incredible, deserves note!

Gert Stuut

Favourite Track: Dive Into Yesterday

Favourite Albums: 1st & 2nd

Glyn Savage

Favourite track - Holidaymaker
Favourite album - Tangerine Dream 

Best thing about - All the stories in the songs

Worst thing about - Greatness not recognised at the time

Any other comment - Fairfield Parlour lp also worth checking out