1--Favourite track - Celeste
2--Favourite album - Sunshine Superman
3--Best thing about - How he still made great music into the 70s, unlike most people.
4--Worst thing about - But he did manage to go on too long, he should have quit in the 80s.
5--Any other comment - Trying to sound like Bob Dylan is NEVER a bad thing.

Goran Obradovic

Well, he did to folk what The Beatles did to pop, and they both ended up at the same place. Simple as that.

Iain Taylor

Favourite track = Season Of The Witch
Favourite album = Gift From A Flower To A Garden
Best thing about = His appearance in Dylan’s “Don’t Look Back”
Worst thing about = His recent autobiography

Steve McGhee

Favourite track - "Lalena"

Favourite album - "A Gift From A Flower to a Garden"

Best thing – song lyrics

Worst thing - Mellow Yellow....that song makes me feel ill

Any other comment - never really reckoned him much but his daughter-in-law's a bit tasty.

Michel Gignac

1--Favourite track - Epistle To Dippy
2--Favourite album - Cosmic Wheels
3--Best thing about... - Mary Hopkin sang some of his songs
4--Worst thing about... - Goo Goo Barabajagal

Tom Sunshine

Best Song- Three kingfishers

Best Album- Sunshine Superman

Best Thing- how he transformed folk, and made some of the best music in the 60's.

Worst Thing- Cant think of a worst- He was a great! 

Other Comments- Check out "A Gift From A Flower to a Garden" a great album

Gert Stuut

Favourite Track: Sunshine Superman.

Glyn Savage

Favourite track - 1st version of Superlungs / Three Kingfishers / Season Of The Witch
Favourite album - Sunshine Superman

Best thing about - All the 60s lps, all crammed full with greatness

Worst thing about - 1st version of Superlungs was unreleased at the time

Any other comment - Deserves more credit