1--Favourite track - Uncle Bert
2--Favourite album - Did they make an album?  If so, I don't have it.  But I do have their complete recordings on "Our Music Is Red With Purple Flashes".
3--Best thing about - Eddie Philips violin was a one of a kind sound, in which made all The Creation tracks sound so amazing. 
4--Worst thing about - Only 20 songs....(sniff)
5--Any other comment - I don't consider them a psych band, but they had a big role in late 60s music, using feedback and the genius production of Shel Talmy.

Goran Obradovic

They were my No.1 vote! More remembered for being an authentic mod/pop-art "creation", but their own sound "creations", definitely ARE among the pioneering Britsike efforts!

Iain Taylor

Favourite track = How Does It Feel To Feel?

Steve McGhee

Favourite track - "Making Time"

Favourite album - "Red with purple flashes"

Best thing - nice and LOUD

Worst thing - the cover versions they did

Any other comment - too much run-of-the-mill stuff in between the gems.

Michel Gignac

1--Favourite track - Biff Bang Pow
2--Favourite album - We Are The Paintermen

Gert Stuut

Favourite Track: How Does It Feel To Feel

Glyn Savage

Favourite track - Biff Bang Pow / Nightmares

Best thing about - The sound

Worst thing about - No UK lp at the time

Any other comment - Great guitar sound

Sir Gregory Weatherby

1--Favourite track
"Painter Man" is my fave track because, yet again, it knocked me out when it came out. It sounded so radical, so 'au courant', all this talk
of art and painting and of course, there was that guitar, that glorious screeching booming guitar that Eddie Phillips made his trademark
sound.....and while this shouldn't really count, there was that picture sleeve......that hair, I just wanted to be and look like
Eddie......unfortunately, I was in the U.S Army, stationed in Germany, at the time and that look was beyond my .......well,
not sure I could have pulled it off anyway ......."Painter Man" stands out as a timeless song, I just watched the video of them doing PM on
"Beat Club", I still get the shivers

2--Favourite album
Since they only had the two albums at the time, both's not a hard choice..... I will go with "We Are Paintermen".....but I have to
give honourable mention to "66-67" that came out in 1973 on Charisma. It was the first time I heard "Can I Join Your Band", another Creation that time, I was working for a record retailer in San Francisco, and one of my jobs was to run the new 'import' albums through
a shrink wrap machine before they were sent to the stores.....I was pulling records out of a bin to feed through the machine when I saw a
naked bum.......and the words The Creation on the cover.....I was flabbergasted, this was a time when there was no nostalgia for what was
then the fairly recent past, and very rarely did you see albums from older relatively unknown bands, so this blew me away, it helped spark
some interest in them at the time

3--Best thing about...
What's not to like? Their music was, with a few exceptions, absolutely wonderful; they had a look that I envied, the epitome of cool.....and
then there was that guitar.....thank you Eddie!

4--Worst thing about...
"Uncle Bert", even "Cool Jerk, which is a throwaway, is better than this

5--Any other comment.
If you haven't seen their Beat Beat Beat appearances or their lone appearance on Beat Club, do it now....this is a band that truly deserves
all the retro hype.......and I will finish by saying that it was an absolute thrill for me to attend Cavestomp 2001 in New York and see
Eddie and Kim play as The Creation, it was a powerful performance...I had a chance to talk to Eddie and he was as down to earth as he could be, just a wonderful experience all the way around