1--Favourite track - "Peace Loving Man"
2--Favourite album - "We Are Ever So Clean"
3--Best thing about - Both albums were completely different and equally awesome, though most will disagree.
4--Worst thing about - How they are so hard to find.  None of their albums are easy to find in the states, no reissues are in print, and THEY SHOULD BE!!!
5--Any other comment - BB Blunder is good too, but their work with Julie Driscoll should be avoided (too jazzy).

Goran Obradovic

Fall into the similar category as Kaleidoscope, with the weight maybe a bit more on the quirky side of things . The funny thing about them is that there's lots Britsike fans too, who doesn't seem to quite like 'em. Thankfully, there seems to be enough of them to bring them to No.6.

Iain Taylor

Favourite track = Look At Me, Im You
Favourite album = We Are Ever So Clean

Steve McGhee

Favourite track - "When The Alarm Clock Rings"
Favourite album - "We Are Ever So Clean"
Best thing song lyrics
Worst thing
- when they tried to be humourous it just didn't work
Any other comment
- sort of a poor man's Honeybus??

Michel Gignac

1--Favourite track - Love Bomb (That's the only one I've heard)

Gert Stuut

Blossom Toes: First album is OK, the second is not.

Glyn Savage

Any other comment - Cant get into these much